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SOCIAL NEWS: LinkedIn launches Showcase Pages

LinkedIn has launched of Showcase Pages to allow brands to develop more targeted content marketing strategies on the platform. 

Showcase Pages allow companies to create dedicated profiles for a brand or product. This allows companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right community.

Showcase Pages, an extension of LinkedIn's Company Pages, allow brands to create dedicated pages for their businesses and initiatives. The new feature allows members to interact directly with the elements of a company that they are most interested in. Brands too can gain more insight into what content is best received by their followers, and segment and target different audiences with the most relevant messages. 

LinkedIn members will be able to follow Showcase Pages in the same way they can follow Company Pages. Companies can also promote their Showcase Pages' content via Sponsored Updates.

Josh Graff, head of marketing solutions at LinkedIn, EMEA said: "Creating valuable content begins by understanding what content your audience is interested in and already consuming, and filling in the gaps. There are more than three million companies leveraging their company page to promote content and build relationships with members, and Showcase Pages will allow them to enhance that experience even further by strategically dividing their content to become even more relevant for their audiences."

Meanwhile, Aviad Pinkovezky, monetisation product manager at LinkedIn, explained how businesses can set up the profile in a blog post: ‘If you’re a company page administrator, you can easily create your company’s own Showcase Page. First, identify the business areas of your company that need a Showcase Page. Then go to the 'Edit' dropdown menu and select 'Create a Showcase Page.' Once created, you can start sharing content from your page. You will also be able to monitor the performance of your Showcase Page through our analytic tools.’

Showcase pages are now available globally to all companies with a Company Page on LinkedIn.