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SOCIAL NEWS: LinkedIn's Sponsor Jobs to appear on homepage

LinkedIn's Sponsored Jobs will now appear on its members' news feeds, in order to give recruiters more opportunities to be seen by the best candidates.

Plus, the professional network is launching Sponsored Jobs on its mobile app.

LinkedIn says this update is because over 30 per cent of members who view jobs on LinkedIn come from mobile, and Sponsored Jobs will now appear in one of the most engaging spots on the company's mobile app. Early results show that Sponsored Jobs on mobile are four times more engaging than Sponsored Jobs on the desktop.

Sachit Kamat, product management and monetization at LinkedIn, said in a blog post: ‘Across all platforms, Sponsored Jobs surface meaningful, personalised recommendations for our members and connect them with opportunities that they might not have found on their own. In bringing them to the feed, we’ve taken special effort to maintain a great member experience, and will continue to track this over time.’

Image courtesy of LinkedIn