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SOCIAL NEWS: Only 5% of B2B buyers use Twitter during the buying process

Only five per cent of B2B buyers use Twitter during the buying process, according to new research published by B2B Marketing and Base One.

However, information gained via Twitter is seen as more useful than that found on Linkedin. 

Fifteen per cent of those using the social network rated it 10 out of 10 for ‘influence’, compared with just 8 per cent for the more popular industry-specific forums.

Meanwhile, Google+ is being used more than commercially more widespread Facebook, and twice as much as Twitter.

John Bottom, head of content marketing at Base One, commented on the findings in a blog post: ‘The research won’t tell you how to plan your social media strategy. But it does guarantee to give you direct insight into buyer behaviour – which should me more useful than yet another subjectively spurious whitepaper.’