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SOCIAL NEWS: £10,000 SEO industry gender pay gap remains

Above average earnings in the SEO industry are skewed in favour of men, while women’s earnings are considerably lower than the average wage, according to research, conducted by BrightonSEO.

The overall average salary for men is in excess of £39,000 while women earn more than £10,000 less, with an average salary of £28,000.

Plus, head of departments who are female receive £37,000; a modest figure when you compare it to men in the same position who earn on average £10,000 more at £47,000.

Meanwhile, over half of the female respondents felt that their salaries were ‘too low’ whilst almost the majority of men admitted that their wage was ‘about right’. 

This follows the call to businesses from female MPs to collect and publish stats on the number of women they employ at each level and the number of employees promoted by gender and the average pay gap at each rank.

Natasha Woodford, director at Clockwork Talent, said: “Given that the gender pay gap materialises as you head towards the more senior roles, certain questions must be asked. For instance are these findings a result of men being more confident in their negotiation of pay raises or remuneration upon accepting a new job? Have women taken a career break to raise their children?

“Another survey in more detail should determine whether there is really a glass ceiling or even a difference at senior level in what is really a relatively modern industry. One thing is for sure, there are some exceptional female digital agency leaders.”