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SOCIAL NEWS: Sharing on Google+ 'to overtake' Facebook by 2016

Sharing on Google+ is set to surpass sharing by Facebook users by February 2016, according to a new US study from Searchmetrics.

The Searchmetrics study is based on a comparison of the average monthly growth in the number of Facebook shares and their equivalent, plus ones, on Google+ in the US, covering a six month period from November 2012 to April 2013.

During this short period the number of Facebook shares in billions grew by almost 10 per cent per month. While Google+’s plus ones grew by almost 19 per cent.  At these rates of growth, the development of sharing activity on the two networks would mean Google+ would be generating more monthly shares than Facebook by February 2016.

The research argues that by May 2016 Google+ will achieve around 1096 billion shares per month, while Facebook will be generating approximately 849 billion shares.

These findings correlate with our recent B2B Markting Benchmarking Report which revealed B2B marketers believe Google+ will become a key social platform within a year.