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SOCIAL NEWS: Tumblr inks deal with DataSift

Social data platform DataSift has add blogging website Tumblr as a data source. 

Tumblr data will be available to DataSift subscribers, providing not only real-time data from the Tumblr, but also historic data for the first time.This will enable brands to run sentiment analysis on the more than 5.5 billion global Tumblr interactions that happen each month.

Rob Bailey, CEO of DataSift, said: “Tumblr is one of the fastest growing and more highly engaged social networks. Brands and agencies need a better solution to capture and capitalize on the platform’s tremendous stickiness, and the DataSift platform is the only one to make that possible today.

“By providing access to real time and historic Tumblr data, the DataSift platform further expands brands’ and agencies’ ability to distill actionable insight from their engagements with consumers.”  

Meanwhile, Derek Gottfrid, VP of product at Tumblr, said: “Brands have turned to Tumblr for new ways to connect with highly engaged users and engage in brand storytelling.”  
“Through this partnership with DataSift, we’re delighted to enable these brands and agencies to unlock new insights about the audience that is consuming and sharing their creative content.”