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SOCIAL NEWS: Twitter ads now available for SMEs

Twitter has launched Promoted Products for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and Ireland.

The advertising platform will allow SMEs to amplify their presence on the social network. Twitter says the self-serve advertising will allow companies to increase the reach of the content they are already sharing on the platform.

To demonstrate the value of Twitter to small businesses, Market Probe International surveyed 500 people who currently follow small businesses on Twitter. 

The research found  72 per cent of people are more likely to make a future purchase from a SME after they followed or interact with them on Twitter. Some 30 per cent of people are more likely to recommend a business that they follow on Twitter, and  86 per cent of respondents said they are more likely to visit an SMB if a friend recommends them.

Plus, Twitter has partnered with O2 Business (@O2businessUK) to educate SMEs in the UK on how best to use Twitter to engage with their audience. As part of this partnership, O2 will provide resources such as:

  • Twitter guides with best practices and case studies.
  • Online education sessions on how to use Twitter for business.
  • Credit to spend on Twitter ads through the self-service platform.

Twitter Promotional Products will give SMEs a real voice on the popular network – will you be using this new tool in your social strategy?