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SOCIAL NEWS: Vine engagement catches up with YouTube

Only six months after its launch, Vine’s social engagement has almost caught up with YouTube uploads on Twitter, according to a recent Socialbakers study.

Tweeted YouTube videos earn a 0.048 per cent engagement rate on average. This compares to Tweets containing Vine uploads, which showed a 0.031 per cent engagement rate.

Plus, previous Socialbakers studies have shown that around 66 per cent of people access brands’ Twitter accounts through mobile, 44 per cent of which do so through Apple smartphones and devices.

CEO, Jan Rezab, says: “This is an amazing feat considering that up until this week, the Vine app was only available on iPhones and iPads. Twitter users increasingly appreciate this format, and brands who may have previously not considered Vine should sit up and take notice. Not only are Vine videos evidently engaging, but they can be produced on a smaller budget.”

Socialbakers, the social media analytics company, examined over 30,000 tweets with YouTube and Vine links and compared their Engagement Rates.

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