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SOCIAL NEWS: Vine introduces new features

Twitter’s six-second video app, Vine, has introduced a range of new features for iOS in order to compete with Instragram's new video function. These updates include new camera tools, channels and revining.

The Vine team have redesigned the camera to incorporate a new grid, focus and ghost tools to make shooting great videos easier.

The app has added 15 channels to the ‘Explore’ screen, including comedy, music and nature. These channels 'have their own theme and popular feed, allowing users to discover new posts quickly.

Plus, the social network has launched 'revining’. Similar to the retweet, revining allows users to share other people’s posts with their followers.

Meanwhile the update includes changes to Vine's privacy settings. Most video posts are public, which means they can be viewed, discovered and shared by anyone on Vine. If users want more control over who can see posts, they can now protect posts, which means only the people the user approves to follow you can see them.

While the protected posts function is available on Android, the other features will be introduced on Android next week.

Vine’s co-founder, Colin Kroll, said in a blog post: “This is our biggest, most exciting update yet — and we’ve got even more coming soon.”

Image via Vine