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SPONSORSHIP NEWS: Conqueror looks to youth for sustainable business ideas

Business paper brand Conqueror is sponsoring seven delegates from across the world to attend the youth leadership summit in London in order to gain an insight into how businesses can develop sustainable low carbon economy.

As active sponsors of the summit the company also created ‘The Blank Sheet of Paper' project in which delegates are encouraged to write their aspirations to change the world on a 100 ft sheet of paper. Conqueror will then pass its favourite thoughts onto global business leaders.

The delegates aged 25 and under were also provided with a notebook from the paper company asking for their views on how businesses can develop greener practices. The company has incorporated social media into the sponsorship as answers can be submitted via Facebook, Twitter and their landing page

Once the responses have been collated it will form a future business manifesto to be sent to bodies including G-20, WWF and global business figures.

A spokesperson for Conqueror says, "It's also important we don't just ask the questions but that we also take forward the answers given by the delegates to drive real change - providing businesses with valuable insights to shape their strategic thinking in the future."