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SPONSORSHIP NEWS: Kyocera lead the way for businesses in 10:10 campaign

Kyocera Mita will be offering UK businesses advice on how to reduce emissions by 10 per cent as the first corporate sponsor of the 10:10 climate change campaign.

The document imaging company has joined the leader programme for the campaign which aims to cut all carbon omissions by 10 per cent this year. Currently 2198 businesses have signed up to take part.

Kyocera's production of efficient and environmentally conscious printers puts them in a position to guide others in efficient use of office equipment. Eugenie Harvey, director of 10:10 is excited to have Kyocera on board and hopes others will follow saying, "We are hugely grateful to them for boldly becoming the first 10:10 Leader."

Recognising that as a producer of electronic office equipment it has a responsibility in reducing its impact during use by customers, Kyocera has created a guide detailing how to reduce energy consumption and waste.

The guide can be downloaded from its website and its progress towards achieving its 10 per cent carbon reduction can be found here.