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SPONSORSHIP NEWS: Nectar Business announces new partner


Business Solutions from the Carphone Warehouse is the latest blue chip brand to join the Nectar Business loyalty programme.

This means that all new and existing Nectar Business collectors that sign up to Business Solutions - which provides small businesses with deals on landline, broadband and mobile phone packages, as well as website design hosting and security software - are now able to earn Nectar points on their business expenditure.

The Nectar points can then be redeemed for a range of benefits including the latest in office equipment such as bluetooth headsets, laptops or an HP 3-in-1 printer. Alternatively, collectors can redeem points at a spa or other leisure activities. 

Phil Haslam, MD of Business Solutions at The Carphone Warehouse, says, "We are delighted to offer our customers all the fantastic rewards and treats Nectar Business has to offer in return for their everyday business expenditure."

He believes the partnership will help Business Solutions in a number of ways. "It will attract new customers; retain customers who are accumulating Nectar Points, making them less likely to switch their provider; and encourage existing customers to buy additional services such as web design in order to earn more points," he says.

Charlie Humphreys, head of Nectar Business, adds, "The universal appeal of Business Solutions makes it an excellent new partner for Nectar Business.  Virtually everyone has a landline, mobile or broadband and now collectors can be rewarded for their business communications expenditure. There's also huge scope for The Carphone Warehouse to work with our other sponsors to benefit their customers further."


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