Subtle language differences can have ‘significant influence’ on conversion rates

Subtle differences in emotion, sentiment and reading complexity on landing pages have been found to have a 'significant influence' on a business’ ability to convert web traffic into potential customers.

These are the findings of a study carried out by conversion marketing platform Unbounce that analysed the patterns of over 74 million website visitors across more than 64,000 landing pages.

Specific words used by businesses to market their product(s) and/or service(s) were shown to have a quantifiable – and sometimes dramatic – impact on their ability to drive higher conversion rates. 

Other key findings included:

  • Words associated with fear and trust have the biggest impact on conversion rates in some industries.
  • Words that convey joy can negatively impact the conversion rates of campaigns for travel businesses.
  • Minimal copy on a landing page can drive more conversions across most industries.

Rick Perreault, CEO and co-founder of Unbounce, said: “Some of what we found was as we’d have expected, but other findings were seemingly counterintuitive, for instance the fact that words associated with joy can decrease conversions. Our vision has always been to empower businesses to create better marketing experiences; this report exemplifies this vision and we hope the findings give marketers and agencies the information they need to drive even higher converting campaigns in the future.”