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TECHNOLOGY NEWS: British Gas Business unveils iPhone app

British Gas Business is the latest B2B firm to launch an iPhone app for its customers.

The app will allow the estimated 60,000 British Gas Business customers who used an iPad or iPhone to business to control their energy bills on the go. Users will be able to update their gas or electricity readings.

Nearly 20 per cent of all calls to British Gas Business are from companies and organisations with meter reading related issues. British Gas Business says the new tool will enable customers to save time and also potentially saving money by not getting estimated bills.

British Gas Business is the first energy supplier to develop this latest innovation for the UK business market and follows the highly successful launch of the British Gas iPhone app in December 2009 to residential customers - downloaded by over 70,000 people.

Kanat Emiroglu, managing director of British Gas Business said, "The iPhone app is just the latest example of how we are listening to our customers and responding to their needs with an innovative and simple solution. The meter reading app is an ideal budgeting tool for our small and medium sized customers by putting them in control of their energy bills in an easy and user friendly manner." #

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