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TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Cision and LexisNexis provide content for PR agencies

PR Software and services company Cision and content provider LexisNexis have announced they are joining forces to benefit their clients.

LexisNexis will provide international news content to Cision clients, who work within the PR sector, it expects them to use the content to monitor news coverage and gain a greater understanding of how their brands and organisations are perceived.

The software will be available in America from December and Europe from January and will be jointly marketed by both companies. It will enable users to search the LexisNexis database for articles by specific journalists, receive news alerts and access outlet-related information such as audience impressions. LexisNexis aims to use the partnership to strengthen its position in the PR sector.

Hans Gieskes, president and chief executive officer of Cision and former CEO of the LexisNexis Group says, "Integrating best-in-class LexisNexis content with CisionPoint will deliver tremendous additional value to our customers, whose competitive edge relies upon their access to the best and most up-to-date media information."