TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Eloqua takes demand generation to the masses with SmartStart

Demand generation has become more attainable following the launch of Eloqua's new entry-level solution, Eloqua SmartStart.

The move is believed to be a response to suggestions by analysts that demand generation applications are too functionally rich and complex for many companies. The new application is designed around a five-day rapid adoption programme, which Eloqua claims allows customers to fast-track rollout and leverage benefits more rapidly.

It also features 'one-click' CRM implementation, facilitating easier integration with a client's existing CRM application and allowing greater synchronisation of marketing and sales data.

“We are passionate about sharing knowledge with our global customer and partner community,” says Paul Teshima, senior vice president, client services and support at Eloqua. “Our newest service offerings, backed by industry best practices, will make it easier for our ecosystem to quickly deploy, integrate and execute on high-value marketing programmes and campaigns.”

Eloqua SmartStart complements the Enterprise, Express and Team versions of the application. The application is available from the vendor or its partner network.

Eloqua has also announced that personalisation specialist technology firm Choicestream has become its 500th customer implementation. Lori Trahan, director of marketing at ChoiceStream, says, “Eloqua is a valuable addition to our marketing strategy, allowing us to execute more campaigns, target messaging and measure return on our marketing investments. Eloqua's team understands those aims and help us deploy key marketing programmes in record time.”

demand generation survey reveals that Eloqua is the best-known vendor operating in the UK. However, its lead may not last long – rival demand generation vendor Marketo has announced it has secured $8 million funding, which will be used to expand sales and marketing in the UK and internationally.