TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Market2Lead target further expansion through social media

Demand generation technology vendor Market2Lead this week launched its own customer social media network - as part of its plan to expand by 50 per cent this year.

After a successful 12 months the company has decided to push for further growth by targeting, healthcare, finance, and information and media network operations to increase its share of the market.

The arrival of the portal comes on the back of the California based lead-generation company announcing a 111 per cent increase in business in 2008.

Market2Lead currently have 70 clients around the world including companies such as, Cisco, Citrix and Ketera, and CMO Kevin Joyce, is hopeful that the company will signed partnerships with 100 by 2010.

The demand-generation company decided to introduce the social network for a variety of reasons, but most prominently, because prospects expect it: "People want to know if you have a user community online, its becoming the norm now and we are happy to introduce these ‘pull' factors to attract customers," adds Joyce.

The social network will only be available for Market2Lead's customers, but the company was quickly made it clear that the user portal would not replace Market2Lead's software documentation.

"Software support continues to be our job," said vice president of client services Sundeep Parsa. "Our client services staff will keep an eye on forum conversations so that they can quickly respond to any technical questions, which they are in the best position to answer. Our staff will not, however, dominate discussions on the user portal."


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