TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Neolane launches Neolane Leads

Enterprise marketing software provider Neolane has launched Neolane Leads, what it is calling the world's first "individual- and organisation-aware cross-channel B2B marketing software platform".

Neolane Leads allows B2B marketers to combine lead management and ongoing loyalty, cross-sell and up-sell initiatives into a single combined process.

Neolane Leads uses Neolane's B2C conversational marketing experience to enable coordinated one-to-one dialogues with influencers, prescribers and decision makers within target buying organisations to nurture personal relationships with the individuals that make and influence organisational purchasing decisions.

Neolane's marketing director EMEA Etienne Viellard said that Neolane Leads is a reflection of a maturing B2B market. "We feel that over the last 10 years there has been quite a lot of effort put into lead management resources and now we feel the real challenge is maintaining on-going sales conversations and pipeline management."

Neolane Leads has been available in a SaaS format in America for the last year and a half and now is globally available in on-premise licensing mode and in Saas mode, a time Viellard says has given Neolane a stepping stone in the creation of Neolane Leads for B2B markets.

Neolane Leads is being targeted at mid-sized to large organisations says Viellard, "mid-size companies are rapidly cross-boarder but cannot find equipment to for their needs. Neolane Leads is available in 25 languages." Current customers of the platform include Sony and EMI.

Stephane Dehoche, CEO of Neolane added: "In the past, many B2B marketers turned to the Neolane platform for its conversational strengths, but we only partly answered their broader B2B marketing needs. Neolane Leads services the full spectrum of B2B marketing requirements all while keeping the best of what Neolane is known for: interactive one-to-one cross-channel dialogues with the individuals that drive purchasing decisions."

Neolane Leads features:

  • Organisation-aware one-to-one cross-channel prospecting, up-sell, and cross-sell campaigns.
  • Organisation-aware one-to-one lead nurturing workflows
  • Import of external prospect lists (sponsorships, events, direct mail respondents)
  • Event management services such as seminars and tradeshows
  • Incoming prospect cleansing, deduplication, and matching
  • Self-service segmentation and counts by non-technical marketers
  • Lead scoring via standard methodologies such as BANT, AINT or flexible user-defined scores.
  • Two-way connectivity with popular sales force automation systems including Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM On Demand and
  • Sales and marketing pipeline analytics

To attend a free webinar on 360-degree marketing with Neolane Leads, 2:30pm May 25 click here.