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TECHNOLOGY NEWS: PRWeb reaches social audiences via the blogsphere

Online news distribution service PRWeb has announced a partnership with blogging application, Zemanta.

Zementa will recommend any relevant content from PRWeb to bloggers based on the topics of their posts. This is designed to enable PRWeb's customers to enter the social media space with a minimum effort.

Many B2B companies are being encouraged to enter the blogsphere and social media space to demonstrate thought leadership and increase brand awareness. This new partnership which is claimed to be a ‘first-of-its-kind' is hoping to go someway to increase this activity.

The joint venture sees PRWeb trying to improve its service and look into social media activity. Jiyan Wei, director of PRWeb says, "The Zemanta engine ensures that relevant customer content is provided to bloggers who have opted to subscribe to Zemanta's application. It's both a savvy and friendly means to boost visibility for our customers in the social media space."