Three-quarters of marketers struggle to provide consistent customer experience

The majority of marketers are struggling to provide a consistent customer experience, according to research conducted by B2B Marketing and digital transformation agency Squiz.

Though 45 per cent of respondents place ‘customer experience’ as their number one priority, with a further 24 per cent ranking it as the second most important, and significant buy-in to the concept from senior management, only 23 per cent of marketers were confident in their ability to provide a consistent experience across all channels.

Engaging customers in the multichannel age is an incredibly complex proposition and it’s not surprising that over three-quarters of marketers are still struggling to do so. The problem may well be related to confusion as to which department takes ownership of the customer journey.

Seventy-four per cent of marketers feel the marketing department is responsible for delivering customer experience; but only 46 per cent believe customer experience is seen as the remit of marketing by the wider business.