Top B2B news stories of 2015

We countdown the five most popular B2B marketing news stories of the year


5. 70,000 sales leads lost on social media every year

This year B2B marketers were shocked to discover that their companies are potentially missing out on over 70,000 sales opportunities on social media.

The study by Brandwatch of 200 B2B organisations in the US and UK, revealed that marketers are failing to engage with customers with the ‘intent to purchase’ on social media.

Brandwatch analysed 72,756 brand mentions with the ‘intent to purchase’. These are online updates that express the desire to actually buy a product or service. Worryingly, less than one per cent of these mentions were engaged with by companies. The report claims this is up to $36 billion of missed revenue.

4. Half of marketers’ time to be spent on content by 2016

Are you spending half (or more) of your time creating content or deploying content campaigns?

B2B Marketing’s 2015 Content Benchmarking Report showed that there has been a huge increase in the amount of content B2B marketers are producing over the last year.

Eighty-three per cent of respondents reported an increase in the amount of content produced, with a mere five per cent claiming to have produced less. Despite this, 82 per cent of respondents also stated that they anticipated increasing their output over the remainder of 2015 and 2016.

3. Marketing manager voted 'best job in UK'

In 2015 marketing manager was voted the best job in the UK. 

In a study by Glassdoor, professions were compared by average annual base salary, career opportunities and number of job openings. The results represent job titles that rate highly among all three categories.

Finance manager and mechanical engineer scored second and third place.

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2. LinkedIn revealed as the most effective B2B social platform

LinkedIn is now the most effective social media platform for achieving marketing goals, however Twitter is the most used, B2B Marketing’s 2015 Social Media Benchmarking Report has revealed.

Fifty-eight per cent of professionals believe LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform, followed by Twitter (selected by 24 per cent). Yet the rest in the field including Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest were a long way behind, all languishing in single figures. 

And the title for most popular news story of the year goes to (drumroll please)....

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