Top B2B news stories from this week

Jessica McGreal, digital content manager at B2B Marketing, reveals the top marketing news from the last week

If you haven’t had time to keep up with the latest marketing news, research and interesting stats this week don’t fear – we’ve condensed our favourite stories into bite size chunks so you won’t miss out…

Email marketing revealed as having greatest impact on revenue
Email has the most impact on marketing revenue, a new study by Bizible revealed.

Sixteen per cent of marketers said email was the most effective channel for revenue impact, followed by conferences and trade shows (selected by 12.9 per cent) and SEO (12.5 per cent).

As a result, 89.2 per cent of professionals are wisely choosing to dedicate the biggest part of their budgets to email marketing.

Meanwhile, content marketing was shown as the second most popular investment channel, despite only 12 per cent of the survey respondents believing it had the greatest impact on revenue.

5 times more revenue for marketers combining data and analytics with content marketing
Our most popular news story of the week proved the link between data and content ROI.

Research by the Aberdeen Group showed ‘Best in Class’ marketing departments have the ability to personalise content to target buyers using behavioural and firmographic data (what a mouthful.)

Fifty-eight per cent currently have the ability to track what site visitors are doing in real time, and 73 per cent are able to capture this data and store it for future analysis.

So, if you want to see big returns for your content marketing efforts personalisation is crucial. 

Pay-per-click advertising receives unexpected praise
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is becoming increasingly successful in the US, research by Hanapin Marketing revealed.

Seventy-eight per cent of marketers in the States measured success from PPC as ‘very good', with just two per cent describing it as ‘poor’ and the remaining 20 per cent saying it was ‘fair’.

Compared to last year, 60 per cent of marketers said their PPC were better, while 30 per cent said they were the same and only one per cent said their PPC ads had worsened.

Marketers focusing on creating content rather than measuring its success
New research from Sticky Content showed that 57 per cent of marketers prioritise briefing, writing and editing content. On the other hand, 53 per cent spend the least time measuring, auditing and reviewing their content campaigns.

Without understanding what works (and what doesn’t) professionals are going to potentially waste valuable time creating content that will go unseen. So before starting your next content project spend time analysing your last project.

Victoria Simpson, brand and promotions manager at Nine Lanterns, admitted on Twitter: "Even though I love data and analytics, I admit that the pressure to produce content can be in lieu of measuring."