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Twitter feature puts ad videos at top of users’ timelines

Twitter has introduced a new feature allowing marketers to place their ads near the top of people’s timelines.

Entitled First View, marketers will be able to place a featured video in the top ad slot on people’s timelines for a 24-hour period.

Twitter says the videos will be “premium placements” and the feature will be rolled out across the US before being launched globally.

The social network giant has undergone major scrutiny in recent months, with staff redundancies, volatile performances on the stock exchange and much publicised tinkering with its product.

This move is likely an attempt to boost profits in the short term, but the longevity of the initiative is questionable.

In a blog post announcing the feature, Twitter said: “Each day, millions of people come to Twitter to engage in conversations about their passions and every topic of interest that continually shapes culture.

“At the same time, marketers come to Twitter to reach this live, premium audience through Promoted Trends and Promoted Moments, creating significant brand moments for their product launches, event sponsorships, and film premieres. Now, with First View, marketers can scale their efforts even further.”