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Twitter launches new unlock ad feature

Twitter users can now unlock exclusive branded content with a new ‘instant unlock card’ tool, after being trialled in a seven-month beta.

By responding to a brand's call-to-action – an invitation to share personalised versions of its content to their own following – users are able to access exclusive content such as Q&As and videos.   

The social media company unveiled the tool as part of its on-going ‘conversational ads’ initiative, which seeks to enable businesses to measure the success of campaigns via mentions and user interaction. 

From today, global advertisers can leverage conversational ads, which Twitter claims can provide an earned media rate of 34 per cent  – a figure experienced by participating brands during its beta launch stage. 

'Instant unlock cards' will feature on user timelines with instructions on how to access promotional content.

Six of the best B2B brands on Twitter

B2B organisations have accepted the importance and power of social media, especially the most fast-paced network of them all: Twitter. A staggering 83 per cent of B2B marketers now use the platform. 

These six entries are not just brands acknowledging the importance of being part of the conversation, but pushing their marketing a step further. 

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Six of the best B2B brands on Twitter