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Twitter’s user base to grow by double digits in 2016

Twitter’s user base is set to grow by 10.9 per cent during 2016, according to an eMarketer forecast.

This is a slight increase from the 9.8 per cent user base growth last year, but a drastic drop from the 21 per cent surge in 2014.

However, the forecast predicts Twitter’s user base growth will begin to taper over the next few years, with an expected 4.8 per cent growth by 2020.

The social media network will possess a global user base of 286.3 million by the end of this year, with eMarketer predicting it will number just under 370 million by 2020.

Twitter will announce its earnings next week, with recent changes to the channel's interface a clear attempt to revive the ailing platform.

Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst at eMarketer, commented: “When news happens, it happens on Twitter, keeping the platform highly relevant as a real-time communications medium during news and cultural events.

“As it ramps up live streaming, Twitter is aiming to be just as relevant when it comes to live video. Both will help Twitter to continue to grow its user base, although it is increasingly being overshadowed by other players, such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, especially among younger users."