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Two-thirds approve of April Fool’s humour from brands

More than two-thirds of customers think April Fool’s jokes by companies or brands are funny, according to research.

A survey of 750 respondents from across the UK, conducted by global intelligence platform Streetbees, found 86% said humour is the best way for a company to get their attention, and 68% felt April Fool’s campaigns were funny.

Men were also 10% more likely to enjoy April Fool’s day pranks, with 58% of men citing their enjoyment compared with 48% of women.

Norval Scott, head of communications at Streetbees, said having a sense of humour was a core part of British identity.

“Our study confirms that people really do want brands to make them laugh,” he said. “Companies that can poke fun at themselves at this time of year in a memorable way will gain traction with audiences that might otherwise be hard to reach.”

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