UK and US lead adoption of programmatic advertising

The UK and US are the most progressive countries in adopting programmatic, according to research from Ooyala.

The UK currently trades 23 per cent of all online video programmatically, and has experienced a 42 per cent year-on-year (YoY) growth in online video.

The US has enjoyed an identical YoY growth to the UK and currently trades a quarter of all online video programmatically.

Sweden has enjoyed the most considerable YoY growth, while Germany is the laggard of the group, only trading nine per cent of online video programmatically and experiencing a 28 per cent YoY increase.

Scott Braley, general manager of Ad Tech, Ooyala, commented: “It’s evident that programmatic adoption is on a spectrum that varies between regions, yet irrespective of the infancy or maturity of programmatic trading in a given region all executives agree that it is the future of online video advertising.

“The report echoes our vision that the market is barrelling towards needing a unified and holistic means to purchase premium inventory from a single location, fully baked with the data insights, reporting and transparency that both the sell-side and buy-side demand.”