UK B2B companies lag behind US peers in customer experience quality

UK companies are not providing the same level of customer experience (CX) quality as their US counterparts, according to research from KPMG Nunwood.

The Winning in the moments that matter report surveyed nearly 3000 B2B professionals from across 130 B2B US and UK companies.

According to the report, the US took an 8% lead on the UK, scoring 7.44 and 6.89 respectively.

Interestingly, the gap between customer experience levels in the US and UK was wider in B2B than it was in B2C, with the consultancy firm reporting the disparity continues to narrow in B2C CX.

David Conway, director at KPMG Nunwood, said: “Customer experience plays a bigger role in US companies’ decision making processes, and suppliers have had to up their game accordingly. This is likely to be one of the main contributing factors to the gap between the UK and the US.”

The report also revealed the business technology sector is leading the way when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experience.

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CXcellence: How to achieve CX success in B2B