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Room 101: Demand Generation Consigning challenges and unlocking demand-gen potential in 2023.

As B2B tech marketers, it’s not just our marketing that’s becoming more emotional.Our own attitudes towards demand-generation are also getting quite emotional.

Joy, glee, excitement… perhaps not. Frustration, gloom, and dare we say, despair is more representative.

In this roundtable, you’ll have the opportunity to consign your demand generation frustrations and discover how to unlock its potential.

We’ll be covering:

  • Room 101…Share your biggest challenges with demand-generation, and what you’d like to consign this year.
  • Evolution or revolution? How senior marketing leaders are making changes for more efficient demand gen.              
  • A brighter tomorrow.The areas to focus on for growth and innovation in 2023, and what long-term success should look like.

Let’s turn our range into optimism, and ultimately into marketing and revenue performance – Register now.

Share your own advice around making demand gen more efficient, and learn what changes your fellow senior marketing leaders are making.


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Room 101: Demand Generation roundtable