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  1. Premium video content benefits the brain, study reveals

    recruited 100 respondents, split into two cells groups, and fitted them with neuro-mapping caps to measure ...

    Michael King - 08/03/2017 - 09:30

  2. Neuroscience proves simple, streamlined messages succeed

    a special place in your customers’ brains called “place cells.” What’s important about place cells is that, ... unlike short-term memory, place cells never run out of capacity. That’s why successful marketers focus ...

    George Stenitzer - 12/07/2016 - 14:45

  3. EU privacy laws versus ad tech companies

    name, cell phone number or home address) is going to be treated the same as less personal categories ...

    David Gosen - 15/03/2017 - 11:06

  4. Awards case study: How Lloyds Banking Group used direct mail to convert 707 SME prospects into customers

    three. These conversion rates, along with companies each mailing against control cells, suggest the ...

    Paul Snell - 16/02/2017 - 09:29

  5. Wearable Technology: Sci-Fi Dream, Fashion Accessory, or the Future of Education?

    it any easier?   Battery life – Are the devices too heavy? Can you really trust their battery life? What ...

    Nada Giuffrida - 19/10/2015 - 10:18

  6. How to: Measure your social media footprint effectively

    that what you search for will frame what you subsequently discover. So, searching for ‘battery ... ’ in connection with the iPhone will inevitably suggest battery life is a problem. Compare the volume ...

    Tequia Burt - 10/06/2016 - 20:47

  7. Awards case study: The traits of an award-winning marketing communications agency

    to visit Moscow to receive stem cell treatment to cure his MS. So far, the news is very promising. Many ...

    Alex Clarke - 21/11/2016 - 17:42

  8. 3 things driving the future of mobile marketing

    the world's first commercial cell phone. anonymous user Blog PreApp's Sean Castro lays out the mobile ...

    Sean Casto - 26/09/2016 - 14:13 - 1 comment

  9. NEWS: Blackberry releases ‘no nonsense’ smartphone

    device offers faster browsing, more than double the screen space and 50 per cent more battery life than ...

    Jessica McGreal - 18/12/2014 - 10:42

  10. How to fine-tune the customer experience (and 5 B2B brands leading the way)

    with global brands. “Recently a laptop charging cable and battery broke a few weeks after the warranty period ...

    Jess Pike - 26/09/2016 - 12:41


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