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  1. How chatbots can enhance your ABM strategy

    the funnel.  The rise of chatbots in B2B marketing It takes an average of eight touches — a phone call, ...

    Justin McDonald - 19/01/2022 - 09:16

  2. 10 lessons learned after 10 years of modern selling

    out the phone as the communication channel of choice in B2B sales situations. Buyers want the freedom ... sellers–those using a mix of video, phone and occasional in-person visits will be the most common sales role ...

    Pieterjan Bouten - 13/01/2022 - 09:50

  3. Improving CX with revenue enablement

    via email, phone calls, in-person meetings, and ticketing systems is now expanding into Slack ... and I agree. My perspective is that we should not be looking at individual emails, phone calls, etc. We should, ...

    Adam Mincham - 10/01/2022 - 09:12

  4. Five ways to accelerate the B2B sales cycle to boost your revenue with more quality leads

    a business virtual phone. A virtual phone system is cloud-based, connects to CRM software and allows your ...

    Richard Conn - 07/01/2022 - 12:30

  5. What’s in store for B2B marketing in 2022?

    that are surrounding us right now.  How many smart devices are near you now? Your phone, Alexa, smart sockets, smart ...

    David Rowlands - 07/01/2022 - 15:27

  6. Everything you need to know to create a high-converting B2B product page design

    to download a brochure or call your VoIP phone number to speak to an agent and learn more.  What is a VoIP ... phone number? It’s a virtual number assigned to your agents when you sign up for a VoIP phone service. ... business operations? For instance, if you’re a VoIP phone service provider selling a VoIP solution, your ...

    John Allen - 09/12/2021 - 13:55 - 1 comment

  7. Seven ways B2B brands can utilise user-generated content to boost marketing effectiveness

    a prospective client looking to get virtual phone number or voicemail services, then a case study demonstrating ...

    John Allen - 17/11/2021 - 08:39

  8. The data and science you need to know when approaching ABM email marketing

    assessment. This was the same when comparing those who accepted phone calls from the SDRs, with the e-book ...

    David Rowlands - 16/11/2021 - 09:39

  9. Unconventional ways of getting customer insight

    give over the phone.  At Moneypenny, we found Live Chat transcripts an invaluable source of real-time ...

    Kate Cox - 15/11/2021 - 09:25

  10. We’ve come a long way, baby: How ABM has evolved over the last 18 years

    as an ABM-er? Can you remember back to 2003? Nokia phones were all the rage. Finding Nemo came out, and Dory’s ... charming lack of short-term memory captured our imaginations. Nokia phones were all the rage. And Facebook ... wasn’t even a thing – never mind that Meta thing. Oh, and did I mention, Nokia phones were all the rage. ...

    Bev Burgess - 05/11/2021 - 10:30


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