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  1. CASE STUDY: 'The Deceased Mail Funeral' wins best public relations campaign for Mortascreen

    Mortascreen is a rapidly growing consumer database of over seven million deceased individuals- ... 50,000 new records are added every month. Brands use its Deceased Preference Service database to update ... of direct mail Londoners receive in one day addressed to deceased loved ones. The Metropolitan Police even ...

    a12admin a12 - 26/11/2009 - 00:00

  2. How to Improve Your Brand Image By Improving Your Storefront

    storefront. Freshen Your Landscaping People love plants; it’s as simple as that. Greenery and foliage can ...

    Barry Saunders - 17/03/2015 - 11:11

  3. The IDM and DMA merger is good news – but has it come too late?

    this collaboration also served to confirm what a long shadow sadly deceased founder Derek Holder cast over the IDM, ...

    Joel Harrison - 31/05/2015 - 17:12

  4. Myths and legends

    a tourist attraction showing a piece of deceased direct mail. And that’s partly because these things just ...

    Jason Taylor - 15/05/2013 - 16:16

  5. DATA FOCUS: Data suppression

    structures, so it's likely that a 'deceased' suppression, for example, will appear on more than ... provide just one type of data, for example, deceased. Bureaux then match these files to existing customer ... press and blogging community seem anxious to expose those brands that mail deceased people or commit ...

    a12admin a12 - 25/08/2006 - 00:00

  6. Going Postal: Why gathering the humble postal address is just as important as email data

    address, I can’t tell if they are still there (no way to track their move), still with us (forget deceased ...

    Carolyn Bondi - 06/02/2012 - 12:50

  7. OPINION: Postcard from data land

    to start);   regularly clean your B2B databases of deceaseds, gone-aways and MPS/TPS registrants using ...

    a12admin a12 - 24/09/2008 - 00:00

  8. ANALYSIS: Cult of personality

    the foliage trimmed back and the huts fixed up no time. Most likely to say:   "Charlie your herbaceous ...

    a12admin a12 - 18/03/2009 - 00:00

  9. HOW TO: Match data to recipients

    of conduct; the DM Authority can then penalise for misconduct.” The taboo against marketing to the deceased ...

    a12admin a12 - 04/03/2008 - 00:00

  10. TECHNOLOGY: Address management software

    and inserting missing address elements. It also checks the data against suppression files for the deceased ...

    a12admin a12 - 19/12/2006 - 00:00


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