Sponsored Roundtable: What makes a flourishing marketing function?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 10:00am
B2B Marketing, 5th Floor, Clover House, 147-9 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3HN


What makes a flourishing marketing function?

And how do you separate leading marketing functions from the rest?

To develop a marketing function which makes an essential contribution to business growth, you need a team which is ready to face potential challenges head on.

Whether those challenges involve adapting to GDPR and the upcoming PECR, or perhaps working on the ABM approach which is most suited for your business, your team needs the right skill set and technology available to them.

Join your fellow senior marketing peers at this exclusive roundtable to discuss exactly how to overcome the growing pains of trying to build a marketing team that's fit for the future – while tackling the myriad of day-to-day obstacles that seem designed to throw you off course.

Some of the topics we'll be discussing include:

  • How far you have to go before your function can be considered a leader
  • The secrets to rapid transformation
  • How to shut out the distractions
  • The skills you and your team need to support your journey
  • The role technology can play in helping you achieve your goal
  • What marketing maturity really looks like.

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