Agile marketing for progressive business growth (Advanced)

Everything you need to know about Agile in a one-day, extremely hands-on workshop

If you already understand the Agile principles and know why the business case makes sense, this is a brilliant one-day, extremely hands-on workshop where you can delve into the Agile practices. Hint–if you’re looking to understand what Agile is, we’ve got a great half-day workshop for you that explains it here.

During this one-day course you’ll learn what Agile marketing is by doing it. Our experienced Agile marketing trainer, Scott Stockwell who facilitates workshops to support IBM’s global rollout of this approach, will immerse you in new agile ways of working. You’ll be introduced to the Agile marketing scrum framework and be taken through each step, start to end.

You’ll leave this course with:

  • A robust understanding of Agile, the principles and practices.
  • First-hand experience of:
    • Backlog planning
    • Story writing and story point allocation
    • Business prioritisation and sprint planning
    • What’s in a daily stand-up, and how they work best
    • Burn-down charts
    • Minimum Delightful Products
    • Feature presentations/showcases
    • Retrospectives and continual improvement
  • Collaborative tools overview for brainstorming, backlog management and team-working including Mural, Trello, Zoom and Slack
  • A framework that you can apply in your own Agile marketing practice.

You’ll start by using Design Thinking techniques to solve a real-world customer need.  Together you’ll work as an Agile team to create a new customer experience using scenario mapping. You’ll break work down into ‘stories’, allocate ‘story points’ and learn how to build a ‘breakdown board’ of work. You’ll build your first ‘sprint’ and run through a ‘stand-up’. Finally you’ll learn about ‘feature presentations’ and wrap your day up with a ‘retrospective’.

If you want to play ‘hunt the chihuahua’, ‘the money game’, ‘Moscow’ and run an aeroplane production line – this is the course for you.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing professionals of any level who are about to start working with Agile methods

This course is not designed to explain the business case for Agile – Scott runs a half day course that covers this topic and is a great foundation for this one day immersion course.

Need to lay the Agile foundations first? Click here to find out more about our foundation course.

Upcoming dates

02 Apr 2018, Mon
9:30am to 5:00pm
United Kingdom
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