Agile marketing for progressive business growth (Foundation)

Fad or foundation - find out all the in’s and out’s of marketing’s latest trend

With more and more to do, the ever-increasing pace of change and declining resources, many successful businesses are turning to Agile techniques for their marketing. Tech-led businesses such as IBM, Avaya, and Hubspot have all used Agile methods to launch innovative products, enter new markets, and try different media with great results.

But what exactly is Agile marketing? Is it just for tech companies and global players, or can any sized company, in any industry benefit?

This half day course will leave you with:

  • An understanding of the Agile manifesto, principles and practices.
  • You’ll appreciate how you can Agile in a marketing context and be able to build a business case to secure senior management buy-in
  • You’ll appreciate the essentials of ‘Scrum’, how work is broken down using ‘stories’ and sized into achievable ‘sprints’ (periods of work)
  • You’ll know how Agile teams are structured, including the special roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master and Coach
  • How Agile works for co-located, virtual and mixed marketing teams, and see some of the latest tools that enable marketers to work this way.

Your tutor, Scott Stockwell is an experienced Agile practitioner who has led Agile marketing teams and is an active Agile Champion, facilitating workshops to support IBM’s global rollout of this approach. Scott will share his hands-on experience with you, the results he has seen, along with some of the ‘gotchas’ and pitfalls to watch out for.

Who should attend?

  • Senior marketing professionals wanting to understand the business case for Agile marketing and who are considering if, and how, it could work in their organisation.
  • Marketers of any level about to start working with Agile methods who want an understanding of the fundamental principles and practices.

The course will help you understand when it is the right time to use Agile, what could go wrong, and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

If you’re thinking of attending the one-day Agile Advanced level course, this is an essential foundation.

What does the advanced course cover? Click here to find out.

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Upcoming dates

18 Oct 2018, Thu
9:00am to 1:30pm
Clover House
147-149 Farringdon Road
United Kingdom
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Trainer Biography

Scott Stockwell
IBM Watson Internet of Things
Global content strategist

Scott is Global Content Strategy lead for IBM’s Watson Internet of Things group. Scott leads the group to define customer journeys for identified prospects; create compelling content to engage audiences, and respond swiftly to performance results and analytics insights.

Scott has many years of hands-on Agile marketing experience. Scott led IBM’s Marketing Innovation Group in Europe from IBM’s Design Studio in London which introduced Agile marketing into the organisation. An active Agile Champion, Scott facilitates Agile workshops that are embedding Agile marketing across IBM.

Scott is an IDM Fellow and serves on the DMA Group B2B Council. Scott has judged DMA Awards’ ‘Best Customer Journey’ and ‘B2B’ categories over the previous three years.


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