B2B Video Marketing

Create a dynamic experience for your customers, set up a video marketing plan and widen your digital presence

B2B video marketing is no longer just a trend to follow. It’s a vital part of the digital marketing mix.

This highly beneficial master-class is led by video experts and co-MD’s of Vanilla Films, Debra Sobel and Karen Benveniste, whose clients include Butlin’s, The Crown Estate, LV=, RBS, The Institute of Cancer Research, British Gas and Wood Group PLC.

Based on their extensive experience, over 1 day Debra and Karen will take you through what it takes to put a successful video marketing strategy in place, how to tell your brand stories through visual content, and what to consider when distributing your videos across social channels.

You’ll leave the 1 day programme with plenty of practical and deployable new skills and insights, including how to:

  • ‘Narrowcast’ – produce video content entirely relevant to your target audience, especially good for Account Based Marketing
  • Hone your key messages for video and identify the ‘story’ behind them
  • Write a creative brief for video production
  • Switch up your creativity and become a video publisher
  • Use new video storytelling techniques to drive engagement and loyalty
  • Develop strategies for creating and delivering high-impact video content plans
  • Produce video content for every stage of the marketing funnel

Who should attend?

This course is designed for:

  • Marketing execs
  • Marketing Managers
  • Leadership and development execs
  • Startup entrepreneurs

We can also deliver this course in-house, and tailor the content to your goals. Get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.

Upcoming dates

03 May 2018, Thu
9:30am to 5:00pm
Clover House
147-149 Farringdon Road
United Kingdom
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Trainer Biography

Debra Sobel
Vanilla Films
Founder and co-Managing Director

Debra Sobel is a video producer, consultant, speaker and trainer who develops and delivers effective video strategies and production for client ROI. 
With 19 years video experience, including a decade spent working on prime time BBC television programmes, Debra knows how to tell strong stories and engage relevant and targeted audiences through video marketing and communications online and across social media. 
Debra develops and executes video strategy and content for large organisations. This maximises stakeholder and customer engagement, increases loyalty, reduces costs and grows revenues. Using video analytics tools, performance is optimised so it successfully delivers against defined KPIs. Debra is Founder and co-Managing Director of Vanilla Films, the video agency which provides a full film production service to clients. Vanilla offers innovative video marketing solutions such as personal video and delivers hands-on video training and production support to corporate teams producing video themselves, in-house. Clients include AXA PPP International, British Gas, Coats plc, Microsoft, Ladbrokes, LV=Liverpool Victoria and Butlins.


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