E-Mail Marketing Excellence

This session will help you enhance your use of email, for all aspects of the customer lifecycle

This session will enhance your use of email, for all aspects of the customer lifecycle. It will show you how to make the best use of technology and how to integrate email with other marketing activities and the sales team.

What will I learn?

By the end of the training session, you will be equipped with a firm understanding and application of:

  • Email’s role as the number one B2B communications channel – why it works, how it works, how its usage is changing in response to changing technology and competition from social media
  • Understanding the different roles and relevance of email within the marketing function – from lead generation, to lead nurturing, to customer management and feedback, etc
  • Developing a strategy – what to send, when and to who, integration into content and messaging strategy
  • Understanding inbound versus outbound – how to strike the right balance
  • Data management – the principles of managing a good email list, both reactively and proactively (regardless of technology)
  • Maximising the effectiveness of individual emails – understanding key success criteria, avoiding pitfalls
  • Metrics, measurability and ROI

Who should attend

This course is ideal for experienced marketers or senior managers/executives who would like to explore concepts at a more advanced level.

Upcoming dates

04 May 2016, Wed
9:30am to 5:00pm
Clover House
147-149 Farringdon Road
United Kingdom
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