How to reach the C-suite audience

Engage with CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and CFOs more effectively
  • Speed up the purchasing process
  • Gain c-suite trust and demonstrate your offer's value
  • Work with gate-keepers (not against)
  • Harness the power of peer referral

Reaching the right decision-makers is difficult and time-consuming, but keeping them engaged is even more of a challenge. Nevertheless, making sure that you gain c-suite’s trust and effectively demonstrate your proposition value is essential to success. 

During this one-day course, we’ll identify each crucial stage of the process required to engage with this key B2B audience, from initial research to analysis of campaigns results. We’ll start by analysing what characterises c-suite members, how their attitudes and behaviour impact on marketing to them. We’ll also delve into insight and profiling, analysing how decision-making process operates in different organisations.

Once we’ve set the stage, we’ll also examine how to intervene and build a relationship with the c-suite. In the second part of this course, we’ll start taking into consideration the evolution of c-suite marketing from traditional approaches to the impact of digital on the decision-making process. We’ll then see how to harness the power of peer-to-peer influence and how to use your network to get there. Finally, we’ll learn how to build outbound creative campaigns and to fuel the funnel by mixing brand and demand to drive resonance and effective marketing.

You’ll also learn how to…

  • Build marketing personas for the c-suite
  • Put in practice the five stages of relationship development model
  • Tailor your message around the decision-making framework and the buying priorities model
  • Understand what matters to your target c-suite.

Upcoming dates

01 Feb 2018, Thu
15 Mar 2018, Thu
9:30am to 5:00pm
Clover House
147-149 Farringdon Road
United Kingdom
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Trainer Biography

James Harris
Seraph Science

Entrepreneur with experience in the tech, consulting and marketing sectors. Currently building Seraph Science, a niche marketing firm, to re-imagine the relationship between buyers and sellers at the most senior level (the c-suite). Recognised authority on c-suite engagement. Experienced speaker, chair and author of multiple programs and methodologies. Passionate about building brilliant company cultures and value for all stakeholders.


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