Improve your lead flow with marketing automation

Make an impact on the whole business with more targeted marketing and more leads
  • Increase your customer engagement success rate
  • Improve the quality of leads you deliver to your sales team
  • Boost your marketing team workflow effectiveness
  • Increase marketing ROI and measure it precisely

Although marketing automation (MA) increases your marketing team’s effectiveness once it’s up and running, getting there is most definitely a chore. As matter of fact, selecting and implementing a platform is only half the battle when it comes to MA success: using it, maintaining it and implementing changes in the marketing and sales workflow can be as challenging.

During this one-day course, we’ll go through the journey of MA best practice, from setting up to rolling out a campaign. We’ll cover vendor selection, planning and execution, data quality, help with content selection, sales alignment, and customer engagement. 

While creating an implementation roadmap, in the first section we’ll explore what MA can and can’t do, highlighting the required skill sets and other critical aspects of MA deployment. 

We’ll then look at the different tools, including data audit guidelines, as well as an assessment framework for deciphering what triggers interest within different target segments. This will be followed by an introduction to lead nurturing in line with the sales team’s requirements, and lessons on how to calculate ROI in a way that can be presented to the board. 

You will also learn how to…

  • Choose the best vendor depending on your needs 
  • Avoid common pitfalls during implementation and deployment
  • Design a successful lead nurturing campaign and assess leads’ sales readiness
  • Adopt a healthy mix of tactics and strategy to differentiate you from competitors



We can also deliver this course in-house, and tailor the content to your goals. Get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.

Upcoming dates

21 Feb 2017, Tue
03 Oct 2017, Tue
9:30am to 5:00pm
Clover House
147-149 Farringdon Road
United Kingdom
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Trainer Biography

Pete Jakob
Purple Salix
Managing director

Pete Jakob has a reputation and passion for driving change that links marketing to the broader business. In 2012 he established Purple Salix – an independent marketing consultancy which helps clients and agencies transform their marketing and results.
Previously he spent 28 years at IBM, which saw him lead major transformational initiatives around marketing automation, contact database strategy, lead nurturing, telemarketing, digital marketing and sales/marketing alignment. 
Pete has been a close associate of B2B Marketing for many years - as an Awards judge, Trainer and conference speaker, and as practice leader for the new Blueprint offering.



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