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Stakeholder engagement training

Discover how to gain real buy-in from the board and true stakeholder support so you can lead projects with confidence for success.

This enlightening and hands-on 2 day online  course addresses the most common challenge B2B marketers face

– and how to get stakeholder engagement right.  

A constructive and engaged network of stakeholders can have a tremendously positive impact on the delivery of your marketing plans. With the right stakeholder plan, marketing operates at the centre of the business, becoming the strategic advisor and accountable engine to deliver growth for the business.

Unfortunately, too many marketers have not cracked the stakeholder code. They are finding themselves caught off guard by stakeholders or being left out in the cold on important business decisions.

This course will give you the tools to master how you engage and maintain good relationships with the people that make or break your success. Unlike other courses, this course is specifically designed to address the needs of marketers and the relationships specific to marketing

What you will learn

In this course you will be learn how to: 

  • Achieve your goals through building trust and cooperation.
  • Put marketing at the centre of the business as a strategic growth partner.
  • Systematically identify stakeholders across different business units, analyse their motivations and needs and then plan actions to engage them to deliver shared marketing and business goals.
  • Work alongside stakeholders with shared objectives, anticipating roadblocks and points of conflict and create ways to overcome them.
  • Explore your own style and how you can harness it to get the best impact from your stakeholder interactions.
  • Explore your stakeholders styles, apply creative problem-solving techniques and manage expectations.
  • Create a plan and apply strategies to gain support including how to deal with challenging stakeholders.

Toolkits and key takeaways

As a result of this course you will:

  • Create a more strategic voice for marketing in your organisation – bringing marketing to the centre of the business and participating in corporate and senior decision making
  • Have fewer surprises – less chance of a stakeholder catching you off-guard and entering out of the blue to exert their influence in a way that results in a lot of rework and additional time.
  • Have a better understanding of needs and concerns – you will know potential events or circumstances that could hinder your success and understand how your plans may impact your stakeholders or their team.
  • Create more valuable engagement and improve your personal brand – becoming a great engager of stakeholders will promote your personal brand and create supporters in your wider network.
  • Manage expectations better – rather than relying on hearsay, you will be actively understanding and shaping your stakeholders expectations making sure that expectations are aligned with reality.

Target audience

This course is for any marketing professional that wants to create more impact, more alignment and less friction in the achievement of their goals.


Getting certified for the time you dedicate to upskilling yourself and boosting your knowledge.

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Upcoming dates

  1. Wednesday, July 14, 2021 -
    2:00pm to 5:00pm
  2. Thursday, July 15, 2021 -
    2:00pm to 5:00pm