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Understanding the customer journey

Influence your customer's journey with an all-round seamless experience to impact sales results.
  • Understand and map the effects of digital on the customer journey.  
  • Select the tools that can help you improve your customer’s journey. 
  • Build more valuable customer relationships by setting up a customer contact strategy.
  • Combine the power of emotions and data insights to create a richer customer journey. 

Prospects constantly interact with our businesses through different channels such as display ads, paid search, emails, social media and website pages as well as the phone, exhibitions and sales meetings. How can we leverage all these touchpoints to improve sales results?

This masterclass will help you make sense of this multifaceted journey, from initial engagement to purchase, and explore how marketing can use proven techniques to map and influence the customer journey to create an all-round seamless experience. 

To get there we’ll start by analysing what has changed (technology, B2B buyers, cost/revenue ratio etc and how these changes disrupted the customer journey putting the customer in control. Taking inspiration from success stories, we’ll join the dots and see how you can take your customer's journey to the next level.

You will also learn to:

  • Use plenty of tools and resources to improve your customer’s journey.
  • Spot and address the gaps between external and internal perception.
  • Use attribution models and digital scorecard.
  • Rescue the customer journey with five high ROI tools. 
  • Use the eight pillars of demand generation to improve the customer’s journey.
  • Match each stage of the customer journey with the most relevant content.



We can also deliver this course in-house, and tailor the content to your goals. Get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.

Upcoming dates

  1. Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 12:00am

Trainer Biography

Shane Redding
Think Direct

Shane is an independent consultant with over 30 years' international B2B direct & digital marketing experience. Shane provides strategic consultancy and practical training to both end users and DM suppliers; clients include Lexis Nexis, ITV plc, Telefonica, Sika Services AG and the IDM. Specialising in data, databases and analysis, Shane enjoys helping large and small businesses use integrated marketing to significantly improve the bottom line. Increasingly, Shane’s time is spent on advising large business transformation projects such as MA and customer experience.

In addition to her consultancy business, Shane also holds a number of non-executive directorships and board advisory roles including Livingstone Partners, SharkGate, and Consumer Intelligence.

Shane has an honorary fellowship at the Institute of Direct Marketing and was awarded Educator of the Year in 2015. She also lectures worldwide on topics including CRM, lead generation, and B2B analysis; as well as international marketing. She is the past chair of the IDM's B2B council, industry roles have included vice chair of FEDMA, UK DMA board director, and sales and marketing director of Mardev (a Reed Elsevier company).



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