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Developing compelling ABM value propositions

Learn to develop and write a value proposition that gets noticed, gets read and gets results.

About this 1-day Value Propositions training course:

This fast-paced, inspiring one-day course will explore and explain exactly what you need to do to develop and write a value proposition that gets noticed, gets read and gets results.

Whatever your market sector, and whatever product or service you sell, it’s the power and relevance of your proposition that makes your customer respond or buy.

Customers now expect suppliers, both existing and new, to communicate with them in a way that’s insightful and relevant to their particular business drivers and concerns. In response, sales and marketing disciplines have become more entwined so that they can deploy more targeted and productive communications and adopt more effective marketing disciplines such as Account Based Marketing (ABM).  

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What you’ll discover

Whether you are currently engaged in ABM, looking to win new customers, or want to know how to create more targeted and productive messaging, this course is for you. It will provide the expert insights, tools and techniques you need to create compelling marketing propositions that target individual people, departments and business drivers, rather than just industry sectors.

The customer mindset: how business people react and respond to propositions

  • Understanding customer-centricity and how to apply it in all your communications
  • The difference between what you want to sell and what customers want to buy
  • Winning hearts and minds: harnessing emotional drivers to create desire
  • Understanding the nature of propositions and their primary forms
  • Practical exercise: developing propositions that resonate with your target audience

Defining your proposition and creating perceived customer value

  • Marketing by objective: new business generation vs. protect and grow strategies
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) and ‘Point of Entry’ propositions
  • Making it personal: even when you lack meaningful customer insight
  • Setting the tone: finding the right voice for your brand, product or organisation
  • Practical exercise: defining customer pain-points, aspirations and anxieties

How to make sure your marketing communications get read

  • The importance of structure: organising your messages in the right order
  • Creativity vs. Clarity: what works best, when and why
  • Why headlines are so important to almost all marketing content
  • Choosing the right headline or title to introduce your proposition or message


  • Motivator propositions crib-sheet
  • The proven three-step proposition formulae that adds up to a sale
  • 15 key questions that will define your value proposition
  • 12 point validation checklist for ‘fit for purpose’ communications

Real-life examples 

Through the course Paul will share expert insights into what works best and rarely works at all referencing over 100 real life messaging and proposition examples from B2B organisations of all sizes.

Practical exercises

As well as expert practitioner teaching, you will learn through practical exercises and evidential experience. You will also have the opportunity to put what you have learnt into practice during group workshops.

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Upcoming dates

04 Nov 2019, Mon
09 Apr 2020, Thu
9:30am to 5:00pm
etc venues, 4-12 Norton Folgate
Bishopsgate Court, Spitalfields
E1 6DQ
United Kingdom
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Trainer Biography

Paul Chuter
Lindum Associates

Paul Chuter F IDM is one of the UK’s leading sales and marketing communications practitioners.
Since 1990, Paul has provided consultancy, copywriting and training services to major international business enterprises, leading not-for-profit organisations, government agencies, professional bodies and academic institutions

Paul’s commercial and public sector clients include: BAFTA, Cisco, Ericsson, Hitachi Data Systems, Intel/McAfee, Juniper Networks, Logicalis, Ordnance Survey, Security Industry Authority (SIA), Smart Insights, Tradedoubler, and Warner Bros.

Paul has trained staff from more than 350 commercial enterprises and 300 charity organisations in effective copywriting. His training combines behavioural psychology, practical techniques and best-practice methodologies that can be applied immediately in the workplace to achieve great outcomes. 


etc venues, 4-12 Norton Folgate
etc venues, 4-12 Norton Folgate, Bishopsgate Court, Spitalfields, London, E1 6DQ, UK
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