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Virtual round table: Coronavirus continuity planning

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 10:00am

Coronavirus has, at best, severely compromised both long term planning and short term tactical delivery. It has required us to adapt working practices, reset and prioritise agendas and address problems that we didn’t even know that we had two weeks ago.

In this exclusive online meeting, we’ll be providing B2B marketing leaders with the opportunity to candidly share perspectives and experiences around mitigating the impact of coronavirus on our businesses and marketing efforts. As with all B2B Marketing Leaders roundtables and events, it’s strictly Chatham House rules, and registration is limited to senior B2B marketers.

Amongst the things that will be open for discussion:

  • How are you ensuring effective team delivery and management in a wholly virtual world?

  • How are you ensuring clarity of customer communications and management?

  • How has your use of agencies, consultants etc. changed? How are you managing or communicating this?

  • What can marketing do to get on the front-foot regarding internal and external messaging? 

  • How are you using this enforced transformation as a window to innovate or drive change?

If you’d like to submit a question for the group in advance, please email me at