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Our webinars prove an invaluable source of information for marketers and are completely free, so why don't you reserve a place now on our upcoming dates? If you've missed any, you can watch them on demand right here. Find out what the experts have to say in the ever changing world of marketing.

How do you build (and manage) the optimum tech stack?

Building a tech stack with the right mix of platforms effectively integrated has never been so challenging for marketers today. 

This webinar led by a panel of marketing experts will show you how to make the most of your tech stack to ensure you get the best ROI possible.

Date: 30-1-19

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ABM for winning bids - your new secret weapon?

Like it or not, bid tendering and RFPs are an increasingly important part of the B2B marketer's role.

So how can marketers use ABM techniques and tools to address this thorny marketing challenge and ensure they achieve the wins that they're after? In association with JPC, this webinar will show you how to apply ABM to improve your bid strategy.

Date 09-01-19

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ABM in 2019: Plotting your route to success

As we head into 2019, ABM is increasingly defining the conversation about sales and marketing success in many B2B organisations.

Yet many marketers are still unable to succeed with ABM, whether it be failing to pilot successfully or seeing their programmes fall at the first hurdle. Join our ABM experts as they show you how to succeed with your ABM programmes in 2019.

Date 12-12-18

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The path to CX success

The sheer complexity of the many-to-many relationships in B2B means that many CX programmes risk getting bogged down before they even get started.

So how do you ensure your CX programmes take off sucessfully and continues to meet your customers expectations? Led by Claire Sporton, SVP of CX innovation at Confirmit, this webinar will show you how to navigate the path to CX success. 

Date: 27-11-18

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Joined-up content marketing

How do you create a continuous flow of killer content that delivers on all your business objectives?

Join our content marketing experts as they show you the key to creating seriously good content.

Date: 13-11-18

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The future of demand generation

Demand generation has been one of the primary pillars of B2B marketing for over a decade, but how has the introduction of GDPR and the growing importance of ABM affected the way we go about generating leads? In association with ON24, this webinar, led by a panel of demand gen experts, will show you the skills you need to succeed this year.

Date: 31-10-18  

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B2B data has entered it's third era – but has yours?

The rise of ABM and the introduction of GDPR has required us to completely rethink the way we go about collecting and using our data in marketing. 

In this webinar led by data experts, we'll examine the impact diverse factors are having on B2B data and more importantly, provide you with tips to ensure your data is ready for any challenges that lay ahead.

Date: 24-10-18

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Five signs you are ready for marketing automation

As your business grows, so do your marketing needs and the ability to scale. Especially the way you go about sending emails to your customers.

In this webinar, you'll discover the 5 signs which show you're ready to make the jump from email platform to marketing automation, and more!

Date: 13-9-18

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Selecting the right technology for your ABM programme

Everyone seems to be talking about ABM right now, with so many questions that come to mind whether you're just starting out or have already taken your first steps.

This webinar in association with ON24 will help you with that all important decision of selecting the right technology to ensure your ABM programme is a success.

Led by a panel of ABM experts, this is one webinar you don't want to miss out on.



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Why you should give 25% of your customers the boot 

On average, 25% of your customer base are poor performing - but how do you find your best and worst customers to begin with? Using an innovative customer insight service Blue Sheep calls Money Mapping. Presented by Founder and Chairman of Blue Sheep, Iain Lovatt will be covering how Money Mapping can revolutionise your marketing strategy and how assessing your customer database can lead to millions of pounds in efficiency savings.

Date: 05-04-18

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The 3 processes vital to your ABM programme 

If you're working on your ABM programme you won't want to miss this webinar. Hosted by our lead advisor Andy Bacon, he will be focusing on 3 vital processes which you need to be aware of as part of your ABM programme. This is your opportunity to ask Andy those all important questions you may still have about ABM.

Date: 07-03-18

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ABM: Selecting and defining the right accounts

Join Andy Bacon, ABM consultant, who will discuss what it takes to define those all important ABM accounts in your business. This is also your opportunity to ask those all important ABM questions you may not have found the answer to yet.

Date: 07-02-18

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Revenue Rift: Meeting the challenge of delivering for the bottom line

Considered Content's very own Jason Ball (Managing Director) will be discussing how today’s B2B marketers can meet the increasing demand to deliver greater pipeline and tangible bottom-line revenue. Including the 5 barriers B2B marketers are facing to deliver greater pipeline and the actionable insights you can use to address these issues right now.

Date: 31-01-18 

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Your route to ABM success

Going beyond the vendor hype, what does successful ABM deployment really look like in 2018? Join Joel Harrison and Andy Bacon who will be discussing the most common questions surrounding ABM right now along with introducing the new ABM maturity index 

Date: 10-01-18

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Don’t waste your B2B brand: How to capitalize on your most important asset

To maximize the value of your brand, you’ll need to ask the right questions, make the right choices and take the right risks. You’ll need to explore some crazy-creative ideas without losing your grip on reality. And to do all that, you’ll need a method. Godfrey will show you the methodology that worked for them, and provide some simple ways to start strengthening your brand today.

Date: 30-11-17

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Yes, advertising works but does it work for you?

Marketing attribution remains one of the toughest challenges for B2B marketers.

For the latest advice and for cracking this challenge, join Shane Murphy,VP of Marketing at Adroll, who will provide valuable recommendations of what you can do to improve your marketing attribution success and which areas you should focus your attribution report on.

Date: 21-11-17

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How to become a Data-Driven marketer

Join Louis Archer, Tableau's Product Marketing Manager, who will show you how to transform key data into an asset for developing the most useful insights and creative marketing strategies going forward.

Date: 15-11-17

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How to triple the value you gain from PR

Join Rob Skinner, Managing Director at Skout as he shows you the solution to your PR dilemas. Including the 3 mindsets you can use to elevate your PR and what the true impact of PR is on your brand, digital marketing and lead generation.

Date: 21-09-17

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Chatbots and AI: the future of B2B CX and demand generation

More and more B2B brands are relying on chatbots or virtual assistants to manage customer engagements on their websites. With the technology still in it's infancy, many questions are being asked. Join Joel Harrison and senior marketers as they discuss key questions on this emerging technology.

Date: 06-09-17

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Back to the future of demand generation

emedia's expert panel discusses the subtle yet important distinction between demand generation and lead generation and how to effectively make them work in tandem with each other. Discover how you can soar above the competition by engaging your prospects and leading them through the buying cycle.

Date: 08-09-17

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How to align your B2B content strategy with your customer personas and your sales pipeline

The value of content can be measured in lots of different ways, and many organisations will have their own goals and ambitions for what they want content to achieve. This webinar offers a step by step guide to building out your content strategy 

Date: 12-06-17

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The future of social media and event technology: a 2017 trend watch

As ideas, apps, and innovations continue to explode onto the scene, what was once considered far-off in the distance is literally around the corner. Event professionals must decide both which technologies to implement to improve the attendee experience, and new ways to encourage social sharing. Matthew Howart from Cvent will explore what’s in store for event technology and social media in 2017.

Date: 03-04-17

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The secrets of excellent B2B CX

CX is widely recognised as the key battleground for B2B companies in the increasingly digitally-enabled buyer environment. But what does great CX look like for B2B brands? And, more to the point, what role can B2B marketers play in getting it right? 

Date: 03-05-17

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Intro to Agile Marketing: Work faster and smarter by changing how you work

Whether your marketing organisation is just curious, starting the transition or all in on Agile, the time to learn about Agile marketing is now! Join Agile marketing expert Andrea Fryrear, and Workfront Creative Director David Lesué, as they explore what it means to be an Agile marketer and provide practical tips on how your organisation can make the transition.

Date: 15-03-17

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