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Why become a B2B Marketing Premium member

Find out how B2B Marketing Premium members are transforming their results

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As marketers in the B2B world, we all face a common and unique set of challenges.

Things change fast in B2B. And the faster they change, the tougher it is for you to step back and get your strategies in place.

The tougher it gets to lock down the multiple skills, tools and insights you need, and to find real-world, fire-in-the belly inspiration for rolling out some killer marketing initiatives.

But none of these challenges are tough for B2B Marketing Premium members.

As a Premium member you’ll have exclusive access to a unique online resource that connects you with the knowledge, guidance, inspiration and confidence to help you and your team shine.

Premium member access includes:

  • B2B marketing-specific Best Practice Guides worth over £3000 when purchased separately
  • B2B industry benchmarking reports and industry analysis worth over £3300 in total
  • Fresh new Premium member research, analysis, reports and guides published every month
  • A complimentary annual subscription to B2B Marketing Magazine, worth £150

That’s a total value of well over £7000 worth of practical Guides and Reports, for just £395 a year.

It's all here to spark your creativity, fire up your enthusiasm, focus your strategic prowess and lift you and your team to B2B marketer hero status.

Which choice of Premium membership is right for you?

  • Individual. This is how you take your personal career to the next level.
  • Team. Need to get your team up to speed and pumped with insight and inspiration? This option gives 5 members of your team instant access to all our Premium content.
  • Enterprise. Access for 20 marketers to our Premium resources, plus a host of additional benefits.This is how you put marketing at the CENTRE of your company's success.

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