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B2B Marketing ABM training courses and workshops

To meet the challenges of account-based marketing it's crucial your marketing and sales teams are empowered with the right skills, tools and direction - even if you're employing an ABM agency.

So we've assembled a team of hugely experienced ABM experts to create our programme of ABM training courses. Choose from three different courses and workshops:

Essential ABM overview

A detailed overview of how ABM works in practice, and how to adopt and deliver it successfully in your business.

ABM sales and marketing alignment

This one-day masterclass will show you and your team how to develop an effective, water-tight strategy for collaborating, communicating and working with sales to make your ABM programme a success.

Developing compelling ABM propositions

This course will give you the expert insights, tools and techniques you need to create compelling marketing propositions that target individual people, accounts and business drivers for your ABM.