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Episode 78: Breaking B2B – How Really B2B helped Arden crack the corporate market

In this week’s episode, we’re going behind the scenes of Really B2B’s award-winning campaign that saw them bring home Silver for ‘Best corporate decision-maker targeted campaign’ at the B2B Marketing Awards.

Lucy Gillman, deputy editor at B2B Marketing, is joined by client services director Angie Coombe to unpack how they won big. They explore how Really B2B helped Arden move away from a sole-B2C focus and join the B2B darkside, why doing your homework pays off, and how to create an in-depth content strategy that’s both flexible and interactive.

To find out more about the B2B Marketing Awards and showcase your stellar work to the entire industry, click here.

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Episode 77: Putting the Hollywood in B2B with FloQast’s Mike Whitmire

Set aside the whitepapers, downloadable guides, and e-books. If you really want to reach your audience, you need to think outside the box. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this episode.

Head of content David Rowlands is joined by FloQast’s co-founder and CEO to unpack their YouTube tv series, PBC – a mockumentary exploring the trials and tribulations of life in an accountancy office featuring talent from Saturday Night Life, Breaking Bad, The Office and more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to take your creative ideas to the next level, get buy-in from a cautious board, how to measure success and why creativity pays off.

To watch all episodes of PBC, click here.

For all things creative, listen to a recent episode with Addleshaw-Goddard’s Brain Macreadie where we unpack what makes an award-winning campaign here.

To access a mine of exclusive content and on-tap expert advice, check out B2B Marketing’s gated community site, Propolis, here.

Episode 76: Playing the long game in a recession with Just Global’s Brandon Friesen

Listen, we know the sway of short-termism. Demand and lead gen delivers quick wins, it helps you reach targets. And in a recession where pressure mounts as budgets and resources decline, it seems like the right move. Right?

Wrong. In this week’s episode, deputy editor Lucy Gillman is joined by CEO Brandon Friesen to discuss thinking long-term in a recession by investing in full-funnel marketing, and unpack some of the key findings from the report Pipeline’s secret weapon: Full-funnel marketing (and how to prove it) – a survey taking stock of how +200 B2B marketers feel about full-funnel marketing and brand.

To download the report, click here.

Episode 75: Award-winning Brian Macreadie discusses Addleshaw Goddard’s poetry-based campaign

We’re kicking off the new year with Addleshaw Goddard’s Brian Macreadie to unpack the secrets behind what makes an award-winning campaign. This campaign, which used poetry to grow the law firm’s brand, saw a brand reach of over 350,000 people, three million brand impressions, and over 1,000 hours of brand exposure on the Financial Times website. 

Oh, and did we mention the four trophies it brought home at the 2022 B2B Marketing Awards, including the most coveted prize of the night, the Grand Prix?

Hosted by head of content, David Rowlands, we dive into ‘Rhyme and Reason – Poetry and the Law’, exploring everything from the challenges faced, the channels used, to getting buy-in for creativity, and why B2B could always use a little more poetry.

Click here to read more about the campaign and the poems themselves.

If you want to uncover the secrets behind a stand-out campaign, you can find the Gold winner’s case studies on B2B Marketing’s gated community site, Propolis. To find out more about the mine of exclusive content and on-tap expert advice available to Propolis members, click here.

To find out more about the B2B Marketing Awards, click here. To secure your spot to the UK’s biggest B2B martech focused event, Martechopia, click here. And for the state-side among us, book your super early bird tickets to Ignite USA here.

Episode 74: Taking stock of the changing agency landscape with Tony Riley

2022 has been a year of change for B2B agencies – and we’re wrapping up the year by unpacking the ebbs and flows to the changing agency landscape with Tony Riley, president and CEO of the Mx Group.

In this episode, B2B Marketing’s head of content, David Rowlands, and Tony discuss what the changing agency landscape means, exploring everything from the acquisitions the Mx Group are making themselves (and why), to the increasing number of B2C companies diving into B2B and what that means for you.

To find out more about the Agencies Benchmarking Report, check out our 2022 UK report here. And US here

And stay tuned for the 2023 report!

Episode 73: Telling authentic brand stories with Revere’s Ali Dodd

Authenticity, schmauthenticity – nothing more than a hollow buzzword, or putting your money where your mouth is and showing that you care?

Revere’s chief strategy officer, Ali Dodd, joins B2B Marketing’s Lucy Gillman to unpick the complexities of authenticity in B2B marketing and how to peel back the gloss to tell authentic, empathetic stories.

The pair discuss what authenticity really means, whether it’s better to speak or not to speak on an issue, why authenticity isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a side project and if we’re in a golden era of purpose-led marketing.

Episode 72: Navigating changing customer behaviour with Sadie Baron

Reed Smith’s CMO Sadie Baron joins David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, to unpack the changes to buyer and employee behaviour across the years. 

They explore tailoring your marketing to different generations, using data strategically, why the 11th ‘bonkers’ idea is sometimes the best and the steps Reed Smith are taking to improve their marketing in the face of a recession and beyond.

To find out more about Propolis and access the best content in B2B, click here.

Episode 71: Dear future CMO – How to take the next step up with Kathy Schneider

Looking to take that next ‘big leap’ but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Kathy Schneider sits down with head of content, David Rowlands, to explore what makes a successful CMO. In this episode, you’ll learn practical steps to becoming a CMO including pivoting from practical to strategic thinking, how to build and manage a solid team and more.

To find out more about our community intelligence platform Propolis, click here.

Book your tickets to The Global ABM Conference here.

And download the Marketing Operations & Process Hive report on riding the wave of martech change here.

Episode 70: The last 10 years in ABM with Robert Norum

In this week’s acronym-packed episode, Propolis Hive Expert and ABM maestro Robert Norum reflects on the last decade in ABM with head of content, David Rowlands.

The pair look at the rising interest and application of ABM over the past 10 years, before taking a glance at what’s on the horizon. Stay tuned for the last 20 years in ABM, coming 2032!

To mine even more ABM expert knowledge from the best in class, register for The Global ABM Conference on 2 November, London, here.

And if you’d like to find out more about Propolis, click here.

Episode 69: Strength in numbers - Is a community right for me?

How can you build a community? Where (if at all) does it fit into the funnel? How can you track engagement?

We put all these questions and more to Zapnito’s CEO and co-founder Charles Thiede to unpack what makes a successful, ever-evolving community. Charles and David discuss setting aside the sales pitch to create value, making full use of private spaces for deeper conversations, what it takes to be a stand-out community manager and if the Metaverse is worth the hype.

If you’d like to find out more about Propolis, click here.

Episode 68: What you need to know about green growth with Sinem Hostetter

What does sustainability look like in marketing? How can you drive (and measure) a green agenda? Where does ‘going green’ start? B2B Marketing’s Lucy Gillman sat down with McKinsey & Company’s partner Sinem Hostetter to investigate.

Lucy and Sinem explore the ins and outs of sustainability in marketing from how to make green policies live and breathe throughout your entire organisations, the business drivers to adopting green policies to big budget commitments and why reaching net zero is a collective effort - not one that can be achieved by a single company.

Episode 67: Become a B2B superstar: B2B marketing in the world of sport with Richard Gillis

In this week’s episode, we set aside the martech and three-letter acronyms in favour of ‘back of the net’ brand loyalty and sports sponsorship with Richard Gillis – award-winning sports journalist, author, podcast host and Spurs fan (make of that what you will).

David Rowlands, head of content, and Richard discuss the unique world of B2B marketing in the sport sector and what other B2B marketers can learn from it. They chat about: how sports organisers have built shared experiences for in-person and virtual audiences long before the switch to digital; creating a tattoo-inspiring, ever-enduring brand loyalty; what really makes a leader, and more.

They also touch on what a Premier League worthy podcast looks like, including why less is more when it comes to the number of guests and benching the sales pitch (pun intended) in favour of an open, creative conversation.

You can listen to all episodes of Unofficial Partner, The Sports Business Podcast here.

Episode 66: Delivering the right message, at the right time, via the right channels with Riaz Kanani

We all know the ‘three rights’ mantra. To successfully reach your customers, you need to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channels. But what does this look like in practice? Radiate’s B2B CEO and founder, Riaz, sat down with David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, to discuss all.

Riaz and David explore the layers to delivering a successful targeted approach. They discuss upcycling and adapting personalised content (rather than creating a new piece every time), the need for sales and marketing to share the same targets and why ABM isn’t a silver bullet.

To find out more information about creating a laser-focused account-based strategy, download this report on Buying Group Marketing here.

Episode 65: The ABCs of BGM with Dmitri Lisitski

For Influ2’s co-founder, Buying Group Marketing (BGM) is the natural evolution of ABM, providing laser-focused insight on personas within a buying group.

Dimitri and David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, walk you through the ins and outs of BGM. They discuss the steps you need to take to hit the BGM ground running and the transformative results you can expect.

If you want to access the full report on BGM, you can do so here.

Episode 64: Jon Russo talks Buying Group Marketing

In this episode of The B2B Marketing Podcast, David Rowlands spoke with Jon Russo, CMO and founder of B2B Fusion, to talk all things Buying Group Marketing (BGM).

David and Jon talk through the potential shortcomings of ABM, as well as its possible evolution into an even more targeted strategy.

If you want to access the full report on BGM, you can do so here.

Episode 63: Creating a standout campaign with Claire Mason

In this episode, David Rowlands is joined by Man Bites Dog’s founder and CEO Claire Mason to discuss how they won Gold for ‘Best corporate-decision maker targeted campaign’ at The B2B Marketing Awards.

Claire and David go through the ins and outs of Man Bites Dog’s work with Standard Chartered to position the bank as a leader in sustainable finance and what it truly means to create an award-winning campaign.

For more information on the campaign, download the case study here. And find out more about The B2B Marketing Awards here.

Episode 62: AI expert Katie King explains why marketers need AI

In this episode of The B2B Marketing Podcast, David Rowlands caught up with Katie King, managing director and founder of Zoodikers Consulting Ltd, published author on AI, and much, much more.

David and Katie talked about the importance of AI and how to prepare, as well other groundbreaking technologies changing the B2B space.

Katie will be speaking at Ignite London, which takes place on 6 July in London. Want to book your ticket and learn more? Check out Ignite London here.

Episode 61: The ins and outs of Buying Group Marketing with Amisha Gandhi

In this podcast, David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, and Amisha Gandhi, SVP marketing, Tipalti, discuss all things personas and personalisation when it comes to ABM and Buying Group Marketing (BGM).

They reveal everything from which channels you should be using, through to sending delicious direct mail and creating individual landing pages with top-tier content.

To find out more information on BGM and how to make it work for you, download this report here.

Episode 60: Taking your ABM to the next level with Ari Capogeannis

We all know ABM works. But that’s only part of the story. To take your account-based programmes to the next level, you need to laser-focus on decision makers within a buying group to give them the right message, at the right time, in the right channels. Enter Buying Group Marketing (BGM).

In this episode, Ari Capogeannis, director, revenue marketing, NVIDIA, sat down with David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, to discuss how BGM can take you to the next stage of your ABM evolution.

For more actionable insight on buying group marketing, download this report here.

Episode 59: Inside HSBC with Katherine Lamb

In this week’s episode, HSBC’s global head of B2B marketing strategy Katherine Lamb joins David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, to discuss what marketing looks like in one of the largest global banks.

Katherine and David take you behind the scenes of HSBC. They touch on everything from the challenges they faced during the pandemic and the strategies to overcome them, to the role that younger, challenger brands are playing in the banking world. They even talk about why HSBC has invested in the metaverse.

Episode 58: Katie Martell on unlocking the power of brand at Ignite USA

Ignite USA - our hybrid event taking place in Chicago - is fast approaching. In the run up to the event, Lucy Gillman sat down with this year’s co-host, Katie Martell, to give you a taste of what you can expect at the conference, which this year has a heavy focus on brand.

Katie and Lucy discuss why brand needs to be on the top of any marketer’s agenda, where you’re going wrong with brand and, most importantly, how you can fix it.

Click here to find out more about the actionable insight you’ll get at Ignite USA - and make sure you use the code IGNITEKATIE for 25% off tickets!

Episode 57: The State of Martech with Clevertouch Marketing’s Adam Sharp

If Clevertouch, the first purely martech-focused consultancy in Europe, doesn't know their martech, then who does? David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, sat down with their CEO and founder Adam Sharp to discuss the results of their latest report: The State of Martech 2022.

David and Adam discuss the changes, movements and dynamics within the martech sphere - and what this means for you.

You can check out the report here and find out more about B2B Marketing’s training courses here.

Episode 56: Getting marketing operations up and running with Darrell Alfonso

Think you know marketing operations? Think again. In this week’s episode, David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, sat down with Darrell Alfonso, global marketing operations at Amazon Web Services - the cloud computing division of Amazon.

David and Darrell discuss all things marketing operations within Amazon Web Services, the skills you need for ‘good’ MOPs and the importance of ‘digestible’ data and integration.

You can access an exclusive look at the Propolis Marketing Operations & Process Hive report here, find out more about Propolis and the mine of actionable content and expert advice available here, and Ignite USA - America’s leading conference on all things brand - here.

Episode 55: Tom Stein sheds light on state of the B2B marketing agency marketplace

In this episode of The B2B Marketing Podcast, David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, sat down with Tom Stein, the chairman and chief growth officer of Stein IAS, to discuss the state of the B2B marketing agency marketplace.

Tom and David discuss everything from the changing role of marketing, to what recent mergers and acquisitions mean for B2B, to how to attract and retain quality staff.

Looking for those links discussed in the episode? You can find those here:

Ignite USA:
UK Agencies Benchmarking Report:…ng-report-2022

Episode 54: What B2B Marketing’s Trend Tracker means for you with Steve Kemish

Each year, B2B Marketing conducts a survey of the UK’s leading client and agency-side marketers on the trends they’re focusing on for the year ahead.

David Rowlands, head of content at B2B Marketing, sat down with Steve Kemish, Propolis Hive expert for Executions & Campaigns, to discuss what areas marketers are focusing on, the trends falling out of fashion and what this report means for you.

Click the links to out more about Ignite USA, Ignite London, Propolis and read the full Trend Tracker.

Episode 53: The UK’s B2B tech marketing innovators index in review

In this episode of The B2B Marketing Podcast, Joel Harrison, our editor-in-chief, spoke with Andrew Last, managing director, marketing at Harvard and Dr. Christine Bailey, CMO at PassFort to discuss The B2B Tech Marketing Innovators Index - a report built by B2B Marketing and Harvard that seeks to celebrate the UK’s most innovative B2B tech marketers.

Joel, Andrew and Christine discuss what innovation looks like and what it takes to truly be a tech innovator.

If you want to learn more about The B2B Tech Marketing Innovators Index, click here.

Episode 52: All things MOPs with Emily Gravel

Recorded live and direct from Martechopia, VMware's Emily Gravel sat down with B2B Marketing's head of content David Rowlands to discuss all things MOPs.

Emily and David talk about why MOPs is the heartbeat of your marketing organisation, the skills you need and how to measure success.

You can find out more about Martechopia and register your interest for next year here.

Episode 51: International Women's Day with Susanna Kempe

To celebrate International Women's Day, David Rowlands sat down with with B2B Marketing's chair, Susanna Kempe.

David and Susanna discuss what this year's theme #BreakTheBias looks like in marketing and Susanna's ten steps to achieving gender equality.

You can read more in-depth about Susanna's ten steps here, the IWD website here, Propolis and the Teams, Resourcing and D&I Hive here and Martechopia here.

Episode 50: Growth marketing with David Turner

To celebrate our 50th episode, David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B marketing, sat down with Iris' CMO and growth champion, David Turner.

David discusses all things growth from the challenges facing Iris to why you need strategy then tech and if you can ever truly have an aligned marketing and business strategy.

You can read more about why growth marketing is the number one focus for B2B marketers in our Trend Tracker, more about Propolis here and Martechopia here

Episode 49: Thinking outside the box in B2B with Brian Macreadie

In this week's episode, David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B Marketing, sat down with Addleshaw Goddard's head of marketing, Brian Macreadie. Brian and David discuss how to take your B2B creativity to new heights.

As discussed in the podcast, click the links to find out more about Ignite USA, Ignite London and Propolis.

Episode 48: Dr Christine Bailey's thoughts on B2B digital sales

In this week's episode, David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B Marketing, sat down with Passfort's CMO, Dr Christine Bailey.

Tune in to hear David and Christine discuss why digital dominates in 2022 and how to finesse the art of digital selling from the death of spray and pray to why you need 'snackable' content.

Episode 47: David McGuire on how to create stand-out content in 2022

In this week's episode, Lucy Gillman, junior copywriter at B2B Marketing, sat down with Radix's creative director, David McGuire. Lucy and David discuss all things content from what defines 'good' content in 2022 to what B2B can learn from B2C!

Episode 46: Cybereason’s Kyle Flaherty on future-proofing your tech marketing

In this week’s episode, David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B Marketing, sat down with Kyle Flaherty, senior VP marketing at Cybereason. To kick off the New Year, Kyle explores the changing future of the tech marketing landscape.

This podcast is the final instalment in a series of four which have helped inform our full report, sponsored by Twogether. Download the report by clicking the link here!

Episode 45: Julie Knight's forecasts for the future of tech marketing

David Rowlands, B2B Marketing's senior edit, sat down with Julie Knight, CMO at Unit4. David and Julie discuss all things tech marketing from the changing KPIs you need to be aware of and how to showcase success to the rise of first-party data.

This podcast is the penultimate instalment in a series of four which have helped inform our full report, sponsored by Twogether. Download the report here and stay tuned for our final episode!

Episode 44: Atos' Cat Dutton's predictions on the changes to tech marketing spheres

In this week's episode, David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B Marketing, spoke with Atos' global deputy CMO on the changing tech marketing landscape: how to drive, measure and demonstrate growth, what Atos is doing in the face of the death of the third-party cookie, and what you need to be on the lookout for in 2022.

This podcast is the second instalment in a series of four, all of which have helped to inform our full report, sponsored by Twogether. You can download the full report here and be sure to watch out for the next podcasts in the series in the coming weeks!

Episode 43: Gursaran Marjara, CMO at Access Group, discusses the future of tech marketing and revenue performance

In this episode of The B2B Marketing Podcast, David Rowlands caught up with Gursaran Marjara, CMO of Access Group, to discuss the future of tech marketing and revenue performance, and what’s impacting growth for 2022 and beyond.

This podcast is one in a series of four, all of which have helped to inform our full report, sponsored by Twogether. You can download the full report here, and be sure to watch out for the next podcasts in the series in the coming weeks!

Episode 42: Demandbase's Paul Gibson on all things ABX

In this week's episode, David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B Marketing, spoke with Demandbase's VP EMEA Paul Gibson.

Paul and David discussed all things ABX (account-based experiences) - what differentiates it from ABM, what it looks like at the ground level, and why Demandbase think it’s the future of great marketing.

Episode 41: Annabel Rake on the role of sustainability in marketing

In this week's episode, David Rowlands, senior editor at B2B Marketing, spoke with Annabel Rake, partner and CMO at Deloitte UK and North and South Europe.

Annabel discusses the importance of sustainability in marketing, what steps Deloitte have taken and how you can deliver on a greener marketing strategy.

Episode 40: Stefan Doering, PwC's brand strategy's lead, on building global brands

In this week's episode, David Rowlands spoke with Stefan Doering, PwC's brand strategy lead. They discuss how to approach global brand identity and cultural identity across borders.


Episode 39: Kate Owen's approach to using ABM in B2B and B2C

In this episode David Rowlands spoke with University Partnership Programme’s (UPP) CMO, Kate Owen, last year's winner of B2B marketer of the year.

Kate discusses how to approach ABM within the higher education sector, cross industry collaboration and how she's applying ABM to both the B2B and B2C sides of the business.
If you want to learn more about all things ABM, get your tickets to the ABM Conference here.

Episode 38: Matt Harper, CEO, The Marketing Practice, discusses the agency’s recent acquisitions

In this episode, David Rowlands spoke with Matt Harper, CEO of The Marketing Practice (TMP), to discuss the agency’s recent acquisitions of Omobono and Kingpin.

David and Matt talk about why Kingpin and Omobono were such a great fit for TMP, why B2B agencies are set to receive further investment, the challenges of combining three agencies, and more.

Episode 37: Bonnie Pelosi, Europe CMO at Wipro, talks challenges, strategies and tactics

In this episode, David Rowlands spoke with Bonnie Pelosi, Europe CMO at Wipro, to learn how she intends to help Wipro achieve its ambitions by focusing on deepening customer relationships and investing in talent and capabilities for the future.

David and Bonnie also discuss the strategies and tactics she intends to employ, as well as advice for CMOs heading in 2022 and beyond.

Episode 36: Copywriting guru David McGuire explains how to create great copy

In this episode, David Rowlands spoke with David McGuire, creative director at Radix Communications, copywriting trainer for B2B Marketing, and all around copywriting wizard. David explains how to create great longform copy, when and where to use humour in your writing, the worst buzzwords he's currently hearing, and more.

If you want to hear more from David McGuire and want to check out his copywriting training course (taking place on 22-23 September, and again on 24-25 November), just click here.

If you were intrigued by the discussions on ABM, and want to learn more about how to master your ABM, why not check out the B2B Marketing ABM Conference, taking place on 2-4 November 2021, here.

Episode 35: Dr. Christine Bailey explains how to build a great customer insight strategy

In this week's podcast, David Rowlands spoke with Dr. Christine Bailey, CMO at PassFort and all-rounding marketing expert.

They discuss Christine's new book, 'Customer insight strategies: How to understand your audience and create remarkable marketing', and share some of the great insights from within it.

Episode 34: The growing relationship between HR and marketing, with Fleetsolve's Andrew Colwell and Liz Brocken

In this week's episode, David Rowlands spoke with Fleetsolve's marketing director, Andrew Colwell, and HR business partner, Liz Brocken, to discuss how the relationship between the two departments has grown significantly over the course of the pandemic, and why it's never going back. Andrew and Liz share their personal experience, and the value it's delivering, and offer insight into why you might need to start rethinking your own relationship with HR.

If you'd like to learn more about Fleetsolve, just head to:

Episode 33: How to make lead nurture a part of your organisation with Adobe’s Kate Doyle

In this week’s episode, David Rowlands, editor for B2B Marketing, spoke with Kate Doyle, senior marketing manager at Adobe to talk about email nurturing programmes. She shared how to identify valuable leads, how to improve conversations throughout the funnel and how to make nurture a part of your overall marketing strategy.

She also touched upon why marketers need to get more creative and take more risks to stand out with hyper-personalisation.

To watch the full webinar, you can register and watch it here.

You can also see our upcoming webinars here.

Episode 32: Transformation through messaging & engagement with IRI's Gary Hurry

In this week's episode, David Rowlands, editor for B2B Marketing, spoke with Gary Hurry, international marketing director, about the last 18 months at IRI.

They discussed how IRI transformed with buyer personas and target markets, how messaging and engagement changed, and how to grow your business at an international level. Gary also shared the biggest challenges that lie ahead for IRI in the next 12 months.

With that in mind, he also touched on how IRI is going to be using Propolis in the future! If you too want to join Propolis, you can check it out here.

Episode 31: The difference between inclusion and diversity with Joseph Taiano, managing director, marketing for consumer industries, Accenture

In this week’s episode, David Rowlands, editor at B2B Marketing, spoke with managing director, marketing for consumer industries, Accenture, Joseph Taiano about inclusion and diversity initiatives in B2B marketing. They dived into the difference between inclusion and diversity, what an audit committee is, and why marketers should care about diversity from a business perspective.

Joe also shares his personal experience in the B2B sector as LGBTQ+ member and gives tips on how he likes to bring it up to his colleagues. To hear more about inclusion and diversity, you can check out his Keynote session at Ignite USA here! 

You can also DM him on LinkedIn here!

Episode 30: How to align and improve your global messaging with Sam Crocker and Tony Riley

In this week's episode, David Rowlands, editor at B2B Marketing, spoke with Tony Riley, president of The Mx Group and Sam Crocker, managing partner at Bray Leino about global messaging. They discuss how their global partnership came to be, how to improve global messaging on a strategic level and how to be more intentional with your agency ecosystem.

For more insights, you can check out our exclusive interview with Sam right before Ignite London here.
If you have any other questions or comments, you can also connect with Sam and Tony on LinkedIn:

Episode 29: What can community marketing bring to the table? with Zapnito's Charles Thiede

This year, utilising Zapnito’s technology, B2B Marketing launched Propolis – our community for B2B marketers to share problems, insights and learn best practices. In this week's episode, David Rowlands, editor at B2B Marketing, sat down with Charles Thiede, CEO and founder of SaaS platform, Zapnito, to discuss what makes for good community marketing.

They also discuss how community marketing can contribute towards customer acquisition and growth, as well as how marketers can make their platforms stand out with so many channels in today's day and age.

You can DM Charles on LinkedIn to find out more here!

You can also check out Propolis here!


Episode 28: Optimising the ecommerce experience in B2B marketing with Brian Beck

In this week’s episode, David Rowlands, editor for B2B Marketing, sat down with Brian Beck to discuss all things ecommerce.

They delve into product selling, how ecommerce was impacted by the pandemic, best ecommerce practices, and why transparency in the buying process is critical.

They also talk about why the dreaded ‘abandoned cart’ for your product might actually be a good thing for sellers. Stick around until the end where Brian also breaks down where to start if marketers see a real opportunity for ecommerce.

To learn more about ecommerce, you can check out one of our features here:…nally-come-age

Or you can DM Brian on Twitter @beckecommerce

Episode 27: How to cultivate a brand during adversity with Grant Thornton’s Lucy Canning

In this week’s episode, David Rowlands, editor for B2B Marketing, sat down with brand, marketing and business development director of Grant Thornton. They talk about how branding was impacted by Covid-19, what marketing tactics are damaging for brands, and where Lucy sees Grant Thornton going in the ‘new normal’ era. Be sure to listen until the end as Lucy explains why it’s so critical to cultivate your brand and some top tips to achieving this.

If you liked this episode, you can DM Lucy on Twitter @lucyjane2008

Or you can check out Grant Thornton's case study when they nabbed the award for 'Marketing team of the year'

Episode 26: Four key marketing skills to drive buying decisions with Corporate Visions Leslie Talbot

80% percent of the sales cycle now takes place in digital or remote settings, according to industry analysts. This means marketing needs to move buyers further down the funnel.

In this week's episode, editor for B2B Marketing David Rowlands spoke with Leslie Talbot, senior VP of Strategic marketing programmes at Corporate Visions, about four science-backed skills that marketers need to become memorable enough to influence buying decisions. This skills included messaging, content, visuals and storytelling.

To download the full webinar, check it out here!

In addition, if you'd like to check out anymore of our webinars, check them out here on our website:

Episode 25: Addressing customer success with Barbara Stewart, Propolis Hive Expert in CX

In this week's episode of our podcast, Editor for B2B Marketing David Rowlands talked to Barbara Stewart, Propolis Hive Expert in Customer Experience about customer success.

In our 2021 Trend Tracker, customer success – a new entry – came second place overall, just after growth marketing. They dive into why customer success landed second on our list, the benefits of implementing customer success within your company, and how marketers can start humanising the customer experience.

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You can also get in touch with Barbara by sending her a message here:…inalSubdomain=ukb2bmarketing

Episode 24: Implementing marketing operations with Karla Wentworth, Propolis Hive Expert

Martech is great, but a lack of time and resources to use these technologies in the optimum way is a common challenge. So why is marketing operations important in the first place?
This week's episode features our very own Propolis Hive Expert in Marketing Operations, Karla Wentworth. Editor for B2B Marketing David Rowlands sat down with Karla to find out why implementing marketing operations is essential in B2B marketing, how to tap into its full potential, and what the first steps are to approaching marketing operations.

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You can get in touch with Karla on Twitter @karlawentworth

Episode 23: Discussing TMP's most recent investment with Matt Harper, CEO, The Marketing Practice

The Marketing Practice has secured investment from Horizon Capital to build on its strengths in ABM and demand generation and deepen its expertise in technology and data. In this week's episode, Editor for B2B Marketing David Rowlands spoke with Matt Harper, CEO at TMP about what this means for TMP as well as why B2B is attracting so much investment as of late.

TMP was also ranked seventh in our Top 10 fastest growing agencies list, seventh in our Top 10 rising stars, and sixth in our Top 10 international agencies in our US Agencies Benchmarking Report. You can check it out here:…ng-report-2021

If you'd like to learn more, you can follow Matt on Twitter @MattDHarper

Episode 22: The future of digital communities with Susanna Kempe, Ashley Friedlein & Zoe Merchant

In this week's episode, B2B Marketing editor-in-chief Joel Harrison spoke with Susanna Kempe, Chair at B2B Marketing; Ashley Friedlein
CEO  and founder at Guild; and Zoe Merchant, managing director at Bright, about digital communities in 2021.

Are they really the future? They've certainly come a long way since LinkedIn groups. Well, they dive into how digital communities are relevant in B2B, how to gear your skills around them, and how the buyer behaviour is pushing for communities to become a popular engagement channel.

To learn more, check out the video version of this webinar:…urcepage=register

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Episode 21: Enabling the future of sales with Gabriela Warren, Tim Hughes & Barry Richards

Covid-19 has changed the nature of sales engagements, restricting face-to-face meetings or events for the foreseeable future, making buyers harder to reach than ever. In this week's episode, editor-in-chief Joel Harrison hosted a three-panelist discussion which included expertise from Gabriela Warren, senior director in marketing at Highspot; Tim Hughes, CEO and founder of DLA Ignite; and Barry Richards, strategy and planning director at Transmission.

Here, they discuss changes that need to be made such as how to approach content needs, what needs to happen between sales and marketing and how marketing can assist in final stage negotiations.

If you'd like to check out our other webinars, click here.

Episode 20: Defining growth marketing with Scott Vaughan, Integrate’s chief growth officer

With growth marketing being the #1 focus on this year’s 2021 Trend Tracker, this week’s episode features Scott Vaughan, chief growth officer at Integrate.

Editor for B2B Marketing David Rowlands sat down with Scott to talk about what growth marketing is, what a chief growth officer does and how marketers can make growth central to what they do.

If you want to learn more, feel free to tweet Scott @ScottAVaughan

Also, to learn more about what’s trending in B2B marketing, check out our 2021 Trend Tracker!

Episode 19: How to build an award-winning team with PwC's Maria Jennings

Need some tips on creating a more cohesive and high-performing team? In this week's episode, editor in chief for B2B Marketing, Joel Harrison, sat down with PwC's director of marketing and brand Maria Jennings to discuss their win for 'Marketing team of the year' at our most recent B2B Marketing Awards in November.

They break down how PwC handled Covid-19, some top tips to managing a strong team virtually, and their reactions to winning the coveted award. To do a deep dive of PwC's win, check out its case study here:…ting-team-year

In addition, this episode is dedicated to Jack Ryan, senior digital marketing manager, and friend to many at PwC, who very sadly passed away in January.

Episode 18: The future of B2B agencies in 2021 with Chairman at Stein IAS & MSQ Tom Stein

In this week's episode, Editor-in-chief for B2B Marketing Joel Harrison spoke with chairperson and chair client officer at Stein IAS and chairman for MSQ, Tom Stein.

They discussed how Stein IAS has grown in the B2B sector globally, what MSQ B2B is currently offering, the client and agency relationship, and future ambitions for agencies moving forward.

To top that off, Stein IAS recently won an award for 'Martech agency of the year' so check out their achievements here:…ch-agency-year

Also, give them a shout on Twitter @SteinIAS

Episode 17: Diving into M&S Corporate Gifts' 'unforgettable' campaign with Kristina Haddrell

In this week's episode, we sat down with another award-winning campaign by Really B2B.

Here, Editor for B2B Marketing David Rowlands spoke with Kristina Haddrell, group account director for Really B2B about their brilliant sales focused campaign for M&S, which scored them three Golds including: 'Most commercially successful campaign', 'Best corporate decision-maker-targeted campaign' and 'Best lead generation or nurturing campaign' at the B2B Marketing Awards last November.

To find out more about the groundbreaking case study, check it out here:…ins-gold-three

To learn more about what Really B2B is doing, follow them on Twitter @REALLYB2B



Episode 16: Why now’s the time for Marketing Ops w/ Holly Gage, Simon Daniels and Andrea Worobel

In this week's episode, Editor in chief for B2B Marketing Joel Harrison discussed how marketing operation leaders can optimise and better their strategy in 2021. Martech has never been more critical to successful B2B marketing. But at the same time, the proliferation of platforms, the speed of channel evolution and ever-rising buyer expectations, means this success has never been harder to orchestrate.

In this webinar, we broke down:
- When does marketing ops become an essential part of your marketing team?
- How you succeed as a marketing ops practitioner or leader?
- How do you scale your marketing ops resource?
- What are the alternatives to an internal marketing ops function?
- What’s the future trajectory for marketing ops, and how to you prepare for it?

This webinar was originally recorded February 18, 2021. Check out our the webinar here.

Episode 15: Discussing Publicis's acquisition of Octopus Group with Jon Lonsdale

The Octopus Group has been acquired by the Publicis Groupe UK, and we're here to talk about it! In this week's episode, B2B Marketing's editor in chief Joel Harrison spoke with Jon Lonsdale, CEO of the Octopus Group to talk about its most recent news!

Octopus Group will join Publicis Groupe UK’s existing B2B specialists to bring strategic, creative, technology and commercial experience to clients and B2B brands. Jon broke down why the timing was right for both Publicis and Octopus Group, some findings he's learned along the way and what this acquisition means for Octopus Group moving forward.

To learn more about the Octopus Group, you can follow Jon @JonLon

Episode 14: Inside Kettyle Irish Foods' award-winning B2B campaign with Charlie Nicholson

In this week's episode, Editor for B2B Marketing David Rowlands spoke with Charlie Nicholson, head of planning at Really B2B, about the campaign's success. They dive into their key objectives, metrics and some overall learnings for Really B2B to take moving forward.

The campaign managed to rack in three awards for 'Best multichannel campaign', 'Best use of direct mail' and 'Best use of customer insight' at the B2B Marketing Awards last year.

To find out more about the success of these campaign, check out the in-depth case study here: 

Awards case study: How Really B2B's campaign for Kettyle Irish Foods (part of the Linden Food Group) won gold for three awards

To learn more about what Really B2B is doing, follow them on Twitter @REALLYB2B

Episode 13: Navigating an ABM Journey with Kate Owen of Capita

Welcome back to another podcast and we're continuing the conversation around ABM!

In this week's episode, Capita's Kate Owen sat down with B2B Marketing's editor in chief Joel Harrison, where they discussed her growth and expertise as a marketer.

They also delved into Capita's journey as Kate shares tips to making ABM relevant for her organisation.

Finally, hear her tease what's to come for her session "How Capita used ABM to drive better social outcomes and better relationships" at our ABM conference 4 November!

Episode 12: ABM with Mark Larwood of O2

In this week's episode, B2B Marketing's Joel Harrison sits down with Mark Larwood to discuss all things ABM. Leading up to our ABM Conference 2020, they get into how ABM plays a role in the B2B world today, especially during the Coronavirus.

As a buildup for his speaker session "Taking ABM to the next level with a focused exec engagement programme", Mark delves into his experience with ABM and how O2 is now using ABM to create an engagement strategy.

To join in on the conversation, tweet Mark at @MarkLarwood.

Episode 11: Global content marketing with Scott Stockwell, editor-in-chief, IBM

This week, Joel Harrison sits down with IBM's editor in chief, Scott Stockwell, to discuss how to get the most out of your global content marketing.

With content becoming more and more a part of marketer's strategies, it is essential to make it as optimal as possible. The two delve into some tips and techniques to improving your content marketing, while going through Joel's blog post on global content marketing. 

To find out more about content marketing, check out all our content-related training courses from B2B Marketing. 

To hear more from Scott, tweet him @pragmatik.

Episode 9: The power of saying no with Jada Balster, VP of marketing, Workfront

Have you ever had a hard time saying no to your manager or colleague? In this week's episode, Adam and Molly are joined by Jada Balster who discusses her experiences at Workfront and how saying no has helped to shape her career.

Molly and Adam bring up some difficult but relatable workplace scenarios as Jada gives advice on staying professional while saying no.

To hear more from Jada, follow her on Twitter: @JadaBalster


Episode 8: Coronavirus messaging with David McGuire, B2B copywriting guru

In this episode of our podcast, editor in chief Joel Harrison spoke with David McGuire about the buzzwords to avoid in your messaging during the Coronavirus.

Have a listen and we guarentee you'll think twice before using the phrase "uncertain times" and "now more than ever". 

You can also check out his latest blog post on the same topic here: B2B buzzword bingo: The COVID-19 edition

Episode 7: The power of behavioural science with Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy

We're back once again with an exciting podcast from Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland! Our editor in chief Joel Harrison hosts this episode as they discuss disappointment and regret, drunks on lamp posts, and why you need to stop justifying your marketing!

With that said, he previews his Ignite USA session which can be found here:

Enjoy this episode! If you have any follow up questions, tweet Rory @rorysutherland


Episode 5: Lucy Birch and Tunji Akintokun MBE from PwC

We're so sorry it took so long to release the latest episode of the podcast, I'm sure you've missed us terribly.

However, we are back in style with Lucy and Tunji from PwC. Lucy heads up marketing, while Tunji leads sales - a relationship often fraught with danger!

However, Lucy and Tunji were happy to join us to discuss how they are rebuilding the way sales and marketing work together including the shared goals, workflows and communication tools they're using to deliver success.

This was a delightful conversation, and we're sure you'll enjoy listening as much as we did taking part.

Episode 4: Christine Bailey, CMO at Valitor

This episode Molly and I were lucky enough to meet and chat to Dr Christine Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer for Valitor. Christine was a fantastic speaker at our Ignite event in June, so we had to get more insight from her for those people that missed out! You can find her @Christinebailey

Christine was our #1 woman in B2B tech marketing and took us through some of the challenges and exciting opportunities that come with transforming a brand that is already established into something more purposeful and ready to take on the world.

In addition, Christine provides insight into the differences between working at different sized businesses, how colour affects brand and how to keep an energised and inspired team.


The new entry for the book club this week is Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer.

Episode 3: Ruth Oakey And Catherine Dutton of Atos

Just when you thought we were gone for good.... we're back!

We were lucky to get time with Cat Dutton and Ruth Oakey of Atos for our latest chat, talking about the intersection of ABM and CX, interacting with customers and the value of diversity within a mature B2B business.

There's some great advice on meeting some of the greatest challenges marketers face in being truly insightful and learning from their customers, so it's definitely worth a listen.

If you have any follow up questions for our questions, tweet them! Cat is on @cat_dutton1 and you can find Ruth at @Ruthoakey

Episode 2: Sakina Najmi, Vice President Global Marketing at Sandvik

For episode 2, Molly and Adam sat down with Sakina Najmi, who has recently featured in our top 20 women in B2B tech marketing list.

We spoke about what great marketing leadership looks like in a B2B business, the importance and art of getting the right team in place, communicating and setting expectations with other senior stakeholders in the business.

The book recommended by Sakina is "Artifical Intelligence for marketers" by Jim Sterne. Pick up a copy at…ns/dp/1119406331

If you’d like to keep up with Sakina, you can find her on social media, obviously.

Twitter:  @Sakina_Najmi  



Episode 1: Simon Rusling, Brian Macreadie, Gemma Davies

Welcome to our first ever episode of the B2B Marketing Podcast, and we’re starting with a deluxe triple header episode!

First, we speak to @simon_rusling, Partner and Head of Marketing at Barnett Waddingham, a pensions provider, to talk about all the things he wish he’d known at the start of his marketing journey.

Then we spoke to @BMMarketer, Head of Marketing Strategy at Law firm Addleshaw Goddard. As our awards grand prix winner back in November, we asked him about what it takes to stay creative on top of your day to day burden as a client side marketer. As one of our best and most prolific bloggers, we’ve built him his own hub! Catch his work at

Finally we met up with @gdavies2, the Director of Global ABM strategy at ServiceNow, the most innovative company in the world according to Forbes. Gemma talks about the cultural challenges of implementing ABM globally, the value of a great team and a growth mindset.

You can see the research Brian Mentions at



Episode 0 - 12 February 2019

Welcome to the all new B2B Marketing Podcast! If you want to find out what our masterplan is, take a couple of minutes as Molly and Adam take you through our plans to provide you with B2B specific insights, without the stress of having to read things!