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Sana Commerce offers 100% seamless integration with SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. Our e-commerce solution leverages existing business logic and data in powerful and user-friendly web stores. This lets our clients focus on improving customer experience, streamlining sales processes, and increasing sales volume and frequency.


B2B2C: 5 winning web strategies 

Business lines are blurring - and they have been for some time now. Where B2B and B2C businesses used to stick to their own arenas, technology has made it possible to explore different channels.

The secret to providing a superlative online customer experience

What's the difference between a successful web store and an e-commerce endeavor best forgotten? It often comes down to just one factor: customer experience. But what makes for a good customer experience, and how can you ensure your web store doesn't fall short?

Not sure about omnichannel for B2B? 3 compelling arguments

Having a solid omnichannel strategy is more relevant than ever for B2B businesses. Your clients are already accustomed to enjoying a seamless consumer buying experience across channels. If you haven't gotten started with omnichannel yet, it's time. Here's why.

Personalised B2B marketing for e-commerce explained

It's something that B2C marketers have known for a while: personalised marketing works. But this strategy isn't just for B2C. Read in to find out how you can use personalised B2B marketing to get even better sales results. Simply put: because it works.


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