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The 2018-19 account-based marketing census

Download this free report to learn where you stand in terms of ABM competency, assess your skills against what’s needed and compare your progress to your peers

Account-based marketing (ABM) has certainly hooked this industry’s attention, but as that interest mounts so does the volume of things you’re supposed to learn, read and understand about it.

We want to make it easier for you by charting the journey ahead in clear, easy steps. We focus on the areas where others have stumbled and show how you can circumnavigate those issues.

This report includes findings of our survey of more than 300 B2B marketers worldwide revealing how ABM is being deployed, the common challenges faced and the skills required.

Download this free guide to find out:

  • Why more marketers are adopting ABM, but are delaying their deployment.
  • The reason one-to-one ABM is rising in popularity, but one-to-many has fallen significantly.
  • Why marketers are using ABM to win new accounts rather than grow existing relationships.
  • The top five most common challenges for marketers when lauching an ABM programme internally.
  • The all-new ABM Competency Model Version 2.0, which allows you to measure your ABM maturity against your peers.
The 2018 account-based marketing census

“It seems many ABM programmes are spinning their wheels and marketers are responding by stepping on the gas. Yet this will not create momentum, but simply burn more fuel while standing still”

Marcus Hiles, client services director, Enigma
The 2018 account-based marketing census

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