GDPR for B2B marketers: Everything you need to know and do

GDPR. Just four little letters that could spell a whole heap of trouble for marketers. 

The General Data Protection Regulation represents a huge shake up to the way businesses are required to handle their customer data.

GDPR comes into force across the EU on 25 May 2018. For marketers, doing nothing is not an option.

Your business (and your marketing database) need to be competely compliant with the new regulations by that date, or risk crippling fines.

How ready are you?
Do you have a plan in place?
Or a clear idea of what you need to do, how and by when?

If not, you need to take action now.

Start by downloading our 40 page, detailed and practical guide for B2B marketers, and discover:

  • What the GDPR is and its six principles
  • The obligations it imposes 
  • The potential implications of non-compliance 
  • The opportunities it presents for B2B marketers
  • Practical steps you can take to prepare, now

Knowing what the GDPR demands is one thing. But knowing what to do next is crucial. Our guide brings you practical checklists, action plans and roadmaps, including:

✓  Checklists of actions to be completed on the path to compliance 

 Useful resources you can access 

 A timeline with milestones for action.

Download and share with your team your free copy of this essential guide now, to find out:

Getting to grips with the GDPR: The B2B marketer's guide
  • The eight steps you need to plan for now
  • How you can gain consent under the new rules (and be able to prove it)
  • What you need to now to ensure you can email your database next May
  • Seven mail permission re-engagement tactics that work
  • What absolutely has to go in your website privacy policy
  • How to establish a compliant email preference centre
  • The new rights and powers of individuals, and how you should respond
  • The timeline and roadmap to compliance you need to follow (it starts Sept 2017!)

48% of organisations won't meet the deadline for GDPR compliance.

DMA, GDPR survey, May 2017